Dance, Burlesque, Fitness, and Fun! ExperTease Fitness Annual Bash this Weekend

Finding geek-friendly, body positive spaces can be hard. The Twin Cities geek community is incredibly fortunate to have an assortment of geeky wellness activities available to us. One of these unique opportunities is ExperTease Fitness. I recently had the opportunity for to speak with ExperTease Fitness founder/owner Jac Fatale about ExperTease Fitness’s upcoming annual fundraiser bash, Superheros, Princesses and Mayhem, and to get some more information on this empowering fitness studio.

Jac Fatale doing arial gymnastics

Jac Fatale showing off her aerial skills. Photo by John Lombardi

Justini Yogini (TCG): What is ExperTease Fitness for people who have never heard of it?

Jac Fatale: ExperTease Fitness is an alternative dance fitness studio, founded in 2011 as an alternative way for women and men to reconnect with their bodies. We work strictly via positive movement and encourage all body types, ages, genders and ethnicity to be a part of our family. We believe fitness can be fun and laughter is the ultimate motivator. We currently hold over 30 classes a week in nine dance and circus inspired disciplines, including pole dance, aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, burlesque, chair dance, belly dance, twerk, and more.

TCG: Why does ExperTease Fitness need a fundraiser?

Jac: This is a two fold answer.

  1. Price accessibility is a passion of ours. We feel that access to quality fitness experiences are a right of every Minnesotan. As such, we keep our prices as low as we can while still keeping the lights on. Our Instructors often donate additional time to the studio, students help to clean, and we have created a true community. That being said, we still have to pay rent so we decided from the beginning to utilize the generosity of our patrons in an annual fundraiser to make up for any need, rather than raising our prices.
  2. This year is extra special because ExperTease Fitness will be donating 75% of the fundraiser’s proceeds to Caitlin Ericson’s continued recovery. If you don’t know about this special lady, she is an ExperTease Fitness aerial student and a major facet of the local geek community. She was hit by a car while ridding her bike a few months back. After ICU, physical therapy, and a lotta love, not only is she still with us; she is amazingly going to make a full recovery! But these doctors are super spendy and we want Caitlin back on the silks as soon as possible. We are the ExperTease Fitness Family and we take care of our own!
Caitlin Ericson balanced on a hanging ring, caitlin in a wheelchair

Left: Caitlin Ericson by John Lombardi, Right: Caitlin after the accident

TCG: Could you give us more information on the superhero theme of the event?

Jac: Every year we pick a theme for the fundraiser. We could never just throw a normal party! Our official theme this year is “SUPER HEROS, PRINCESSES AND MAYHEM!” We are proud to have a very large geek culture crowd at the studio and wanted a theme in honor of Caitlin being our ExperTease Fitness superhero and an inspiration to us all. Now is the time to break out that Wonder Woman costume, Tiana crown, or Batman cowl and show your love. Cosplay and costumes are welcome!

TCG: It says there will be equipment set up for your event. How friendly is that going to be to newbies?

Jac: We love to show newbies the ropes . . . literally. There will be a play room set up during the fundraiser that includes aerial equipment, poles, and a bounce house. There will be several instructors and tons of veteran students around to assist newcomers. There are also several crash pads for safety.

TCG: Anything else you feel is important for people to know about the event or studio?

Jac: We absolutely adore our ExperTease Fitness family. For many of us, these classes and this community are the highlights of our week. We would love to add you to our wacky gang. If you are interested in attending the fundraiser, here is some more info:

ExperTease Fitness Fundraiser

ExperTease Fitness Annual fundraiser BASH: Superheros, Princesses and Mayhem

Januray 31st, 2015 6:00pm – 11:00pm
2014 Washington Ave N, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
18+ $10 Suggested donation at the door

Activities! There will be refreshments, socializing, a silent auction, karaoke, a play room (aerial equipment, poles, and mats use), a bounce house (jump for joy with the Justice League), and a photo booth.

Entertainment! An amazing show will be put on by our students and instructors. There will be performances throughout the evening to delight all.

We hope you will join us! Bring your friends! It’s gonna be a blast!

Thank you to Jac Fatale for sharing more information about another safe space for geeks to move their bodies in the Twin Cities! ExperTease Fitness’s annual fundraiser is a great opportunity to meet the ExperTease Fitness community, see what it’s all about, and try some equipment for yourself. Plus, it looks like it’ll be a great party!

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