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Video gaming is one of the largest industries in the world, bringing in over ten-billion dollars per year in revenue. With over 70% of US households owning at least one gaming system, it is no wonder why the industry has gotten so large.

Prior to the video gaming boom, there was no greater enjoyment than destroying your friends in a Goldeneye deathmatch, or a race in Super Mario Kart. There was something magical about being able to see that mortified look on their face when their first place position was lost thanks to a blue shell that seemingly came out of nowhere.

However, the magic of multi-player has been lost throughout the years. With the video game boom has come “connected” age. What was once couch co-op is now shouting over a headset in solitude to your friends, many of whom may only be a couple of miles away, or even just total strangers.

Mashup of console game controller and computer keyboard controls

Computer or Console gaming? There’s something for you!

Luckily there are many local groups here in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota looking to change that and put the social gathering aspect back into gaming. Whether you prefer competitive play or cooperative, there are likely to be local events that fit your play-style.


GlitchCon – Minneapolis video gaming convention
GlitchCon is a 2-day festival hosted at the University of Minnesota that explores video games as a culture, career, and creative practice.

2D Con – Minneapolis video gaming convention
2D Con is an upcoming video gaming convention hosted by This is Geek.

Anime Detour – Minnesota’s largest anime convention
Anime Detour has a very large video game room. Arcade machines and console.

Anime Fusion – Anime convention in Bloomington, MN
Anime Fusion is an anime convention dedicated to both old-school and new anime. Their video game room has arcade machines, consoles and plays host to many tournaments.


A nonprofit based at the University of Minnesota that provides extensive programming to promote gaming culture and game design as a creative practice. Glitch hosts gaming events year-round.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul chapter of the International Game Developers Association hosts a free monthly Multiplayer Extravaganza.

United Geeks of Gaming
An amazing group in partnership with the Geek Partnership Society. UGG hosts gaming events year-round.

Minnesota Smash Community
A local Super Smash Bros fan community that hosts weekly events and tournaments.

Minnesota Tournament Gamers
A group of fighting game fans hosting tournaments for popular games such as Street Fighter and Tekken.


If you have any other video gaming groups in Minnesota, let us know if the comments.

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