Bring Bajoran Hasperat to Your Own Kitchen

One of my favorite shows growing up was Star Trek. Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager still haunt my memories. In this universe, the Bajoran people were a race of culture, focusing on art, architecture, and food. One of the foods mentioned many times in DS9 is hasperat, a spicy vegetarian wrap, and as it is hard to find Bajoran veggies, I found a site that has come up with Earth-based alternatives.

Soooo nummy Hasperat

The Geeky Chef is a food blog dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, and game-related food. Writer Cassandra Reeder’s creations are delicious and artistic, and her recipe for hasperat can be found here.

I did make one change when I tried it out—as I am not a fan of onions, I nixed them. The cream cheese–hot sauce blend the recipe calls for (I used Sriracha) gave the dish a great heat that was complemented by the pickled banana peppers I used, and the melted cheese and cream cheese also helped hold the wrap together. Make sure you chop your pickled hot veggies, as  it makes a big difference when eating and makes less of a mess. Also, an idea mentioned toward the end of the post mentions grilling the hasperat, and if you have a panini press or electric press grill, I strongly suggest it; the wrap comes out crisp, warm, and delish.

Later in the week I made a super mild version of this by simply leaving out the Sriracha. It was good, but I missed the heat. This would make a good kid’s wrap if yours don’t like it too spicy. In fact, this is probably a great way to get a picky geeky family to eat their veggies.

This blog is well worth a look. Cassandra has amazing recipes, and I’m very pleased to announce a recipe book is coming out this spring. I know I plan on pre-ordering it!

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