Reviewing the Indie Author: Legend by Jennifer Kohout

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Legend, the first novella in author Jennifer Kohout’s Wolf Lake series, introduces Samantha, a student researching and disproving all urban legends for her doctorate thesis. As part of her work, she stumbles upon a local legend, set in the Cascade mountains, of men who take the shape of wolves. Determined to prove the legend wrong, she sets out to find them, her journey leading her to an untouched part of the world.

Cover art for Legend by Jennifer Kohout

Legend by Jennifer Kohout

This is a wonderfully crafted and very different take on werewolves. As you are introduced to the characters of Legend, you get a sense of who they are early on. The development of these characters continues in tune with the story and is done without flaw. They re human, but they are also beast. They are all people that we can relate to in one way or another.

When I finished this book the biggest problem I had was the build-up of the antagonist, or lack thereof—there was not too much conflict in this book. The antagonist is introduced but is not a big part of the story until the very end. For this reason, the book ends abruptly, though it doesn’t leave you feeling empty, instead giving you the urge to continue to move forward. There are two more books in the series if you want to keep reading: Untamed and Storm.

There is on word of caution here. If you are tired of paranormal romances in which the main characters fall in love right away upon seeing each other but have to struggle to stay together, you won’t like Legend. However, if you are a fan of a this genre, you will want to add it to your list.

This book is currently available as a free download. You can see more of Jennifer’s work and read her blog by visiting her website, You can also like her page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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