Geekbaby’s Bookshelf: MORE Great Geeky Books for Your Little Geek

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I am of the opinion that there’s no such thing as a bad book to have on your Little Geek’s bookshelf (unless it’s that book that you’ve read over and over and OVER again because someone about their size and about their height can’t get enough, and you’re too much of a sucker to say no). My Geekbaby is too little to put in specific requests yet, but my mother likes to remind me that when I was that child, it was The Little Engine That Could. Which is a LONG book to be reading over and over again.

To get ahead of this trend, stock your Little Geek’s bookshelf with interesting geek-reads. Because there’s nothing wrong with Good Night Moon or The Snowy Day, but sometimes geekier books are just more fun. If anything can be said to be “fun” on the 14th read-through of the evening….

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1. Moby Dick: A BabyLit® Ocean Primer

Moby Dick Ocean Primer / Promotional

Moby Dick Ocean Primer / Promotional

This is part of an awesome series of primers that goes by the name of BabyLit. BabyLit takes classic novels and creates a primer for the very young. This particular one is an Ocean Primer, but there are number primers, sound primers, and color primers in the series, just to name a few. Moby Dick Ocean Primer is only one of many of these that we have on our shelf. Others include Pride and Prejudice (Counting Primer), Dracula (Counting Primer), Alice in Wonderland (Color Primer), and Sherlock Holmes (Sound Primer). There are many others available that we just haven’t picked up yet.

We love these books. I love the idea of introducing our Geekbaby to literature long before the drudgery of high school reading lists kills any passion he might have for reading. For now, he enjoys looking at the fun pictures on each page. As he gets older and is better able to cognate what he’s looking at, we will be using them to learn colors and numbers. I definitely recommend picking these up.

DISCLAIMER: It’s true that some of those based on darker literary works skim over those parts, so it’s best not to take it (or yourself) too seriously.

2. I, Galileo

I, Galileo / Promotional

I, Galileo / Promotional

This picture book about the life of Galileo is richly illustrated. Both the artwork and the story of Galileo complement each other as your Little Geek learns about the creator of inventions such as the microscope and telescope.

This is a picture book meant for older toddlers and children who are old enough to treat books well, so we have not explored this with our Geekbaby yet, but I love having books on our shelf that talk about important people that he will come across later in life.

3. Lucky You

Cover of Lucky You

Lucky You (Cover), Photo by Anissa Gooch

Before I go any further – I have to tell you, you are unlikely to find this book on Amazon. This takes the prize for the truly geeky book in this collection. A dear friend of our family remembered it from his own childhood, and was able to track down a copy from the 1950s. (I couldn’t even find a picture of the cover on the internet.)

Lucky You is a story book that helps kids understand how science has made a difference in their lives.While its age may create the impression that it isn’t relevant to today’s young geeks, the universal message that things were not always the way they are now is a beneficial one. If you are fortunate enough (dare I say, lucky enough?) to locate a copy of Lucky You, I highly recommend paging through it, even if you don’t intend to purchase. It’s immensely interesting.

Honorable Mentions:
These are books that I’ve run across and added to Geekbaby’s Amazon list. We don’t actually have these so I can’t speak to their quality but I’m sure we’ll pick them up at some point.

1. C Is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Book – Another alphabet primer, but this time based on Lovecraft? Yes, please.

2. First Book of Sushi (World Snacks) – Pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a board book about sushi. It’s also part of a larger series called the “World Snacks” series, including books called “Yum Yum Dim Sum” and “Hola, Jalapeño!” If you like to eat, I’d say it’s worth checking out.

3. On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein – This is more for children than for babies, but it’s a picture book about Albert Einstein. This is first on our list to pick up, but others that are similar that we would also like at some point include The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos and The Watcher: Jane Goodall’s Life with the Chimps.


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