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Storm and Avengers

Storm and the Avengers via Marvel Entertainment

With Spiderman now having a confirmed role in Captain America: Civil War, I wonder if we’ll ever see Marvel absorb Fox’s X-Men universe and primarily some of Marvel’s best female characters. Just Imagine seeing Storm catch Hawkeye’s explosive arrow in a whirlwind and fling it towards a somersaulting Captain America, overwhelming Iron Man’s armor with lighting and hail in an aerial battle, wrestling control over the elements away from Thor and Mjölnir, or throwing everything she has at a rampaging Hulk before realizing that mellowing him out with a warm rain is more effective.

If you are sensing a bias towards Storm, you would be correct.

When X-Men (the movie) came out during my last few years of high school, I was excited. It was one of the first movies that started this current era of good and successful comic book movies. More importantly, it was an X-Men film; it was the beginning of a series based on Marvel’s greatest franchise.

Though the premise of X-Men remains the same in the comics as it does in the cinematic universe (fighting for a world that fears and hates them), the comic book X-Men epic includes adventures beyond bigoted military personnel and giant purple robots, including a slew of alien races. It includes the zerg-like brood, the gooey computer chips, Phalanx, and the beautiful and bizarre Shi’ar Empire.

With Marvel Studios already creating space operas, espionage thrillers, fantasy, and alien invasion movies, my expectations have gone up for everyone else who owns the live action rights to their characters. When will we see Lylandra and Guardian, and Asteroid M, Mojo World, and the Age of Apocalypse? It will probably be a while, but that might be a good thing. Even though I would love to see the X-movies branch out and explore other areas of the X-Men Universe, I don’t trust the franchise with that yet because of the things they haven’t done right—namely Storm, a character who should have been a box office force of nature by now.

With the exception of X-Men First Class, all the other movies in the series are either Wolverine movies or Wolverine and the X-Men movies. Beside Wolverine and his little group of supporting characters who are there for his story (Jean, Scott, and Rogue), and Charles and Magneto frenemy relationship, Storm is barely a place holder. Aside from the occasional spinning top hurricane and bolt of lightning, what else is Storm memorable for in seven movies?

The Storm of the Marvel comics, on the other hand, has much more going for her that the X-Men movies have failed to draw on. As an adolescent, she survived on the streets of Cairo when her parents died in a plane crash. When her powers manifested, she went from street rat to worshipped goddess. Later, she fended off astral plane pirate, the Shadow King, she took control of the Morlocks in a hand-to-hand, no powers beat down, and she became a field leader of the X-Men.

Shouldn’t anyone who can command obedience from Wolverine get more stars than Captain America? Ororo Munroe is a person of inspiration to everyone around her, a spirit of compassion to those who need her and a fierce enemy to those who hurt her or her people. In short, Storm is Marvel’s Wonder Woman.

If you want to get technical, she’s more. In a popularity contest between Storm and Wonder Woman that was part of the 90’s Marvel vs. DC comics, Storm received more votes than DC’s leading lady. So why haven’t we seen more of her in the X-Men movies?

If Storm ever were to come into Marvel’s Avengers universe, there is enough strength in character and depth to Storm to parlay with each of Marvel’s leading men. I can see how the burden of leadership and temperament shared by Ororo and Steve would allow a field of honesty between them. Between Storm and Thor, we can see conversations on what the difference is between being an earth-born goddess and an Asgardian demi-god. And I imagine that as a woman born with control over nature, her world view would conflict with that of Tony Stark, a man whose power comes from the technology he builds.

Every social justice-minded comics fan is happy that Marvel has announced plans for their most notable male black character, Black Panther, and their other female powerhouse, Captain Marvel. I am too, but seeing Storm done right it would shadow both of them, and frankly, a lot of the Avengers too. She has more going for her as a super hero than most other characters and it is high time studios respect that.


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