The Dos and Don’ts of Drinks to Bring to Cons

Convention season has started up, and for me, that means I start searching for drinks to bring to the COOOOON! After doing some research, I’ve come up with some dos, some don’ts, and something fun to try in your room!



Glass. Bad. No.

  • Cream-based drinks. I love Irish cream, but these drinks will sit heavy and most likely not mix well with any other drinks you’ll have at the party rooms. Plus, the biggest cons are during summer, and cream drinks may not last long in the hall heat.
  • Juice. You need to be careful with juice at conventions for a couple reasons. One, it can go bad fast if you don’t refrigerate it, though this is an easy fix as long as you have a fridge or very good cooler. Two, cleaning out your drink container can be annoying as well as problematic, especially in a hotel room. This can be mitigated by using either an old pop bottle or another disposable container. Either way, be careful, and avoid if possible.
  • Carbonation. Yes, con suites have pop, but it can go flat in a hurry. Stay away from things like that and spritzer, as the carbonation will most likely not last.
  • Glass. This should be obvious, but oftentimes common sense eludes us all. If you’re going to have beer, wine, pop, or any other drink, DON’T USE GLASS! It can break on hotel floors and cause problems for both hotel staff and other con-goers, including injuries from someone stepping on the broken glass.


  • Hard liquor. Scotch, vodka, rum, and gin are all good in a flask you can take with you. These can also easily be mixed with the pops in the con suites. Flavored hard liquor can also add a fun kick.
  • Premixed drinks. Are amazing. One of my favorites is the premade cosmos. Premade strawberry margaritas are also easy—all you need to do is chill with either ice, fridge, or cooler, then pour and drink. For a more savory drink, can’t go wrong with a Bloody Mary. Granted, you only want to do this if you have a fridge or cooler that will keep it fresh.
  • Box wine. Box wine has come a long way. There are now several brands using boxes for both ease of packing and shipping and for being able to pack more than your typical bottle. And no glass!
  • Beer. If you bring beer, use cans—Surly has plenty of creative cans that look as good as they taste. Another alternative, if you really want to be out there, is beer concentrate or powdered beer. (I’ll have another article about these later.)
  • Water. Drink lots of it! There are lots of people and the hotel can heat up. Be sure you drink lots of water with whatever liquid courage you choose.

Last but not least: don’t forget to drink responsibly! No one wants to clean up after someone else’s mess—and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

shot glasses

I hope these tips help with your drink choices for this season’s conventions. Most cons are on Facebook, so if you need a room, look there and see what is available.

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