Spot the Twin Cities Geeks at CONvergence 2015!

Is it your deepest desire to view and interact with one (or more!) of the Twin Cities Geek contributors in their natural habitat? Then you’re in luck if you’re planning on attending CONvergence this weekend! Read on to see what some of the TCGeeks will be up to . . .

CONvergence Crowd

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Hal Bichel

Twin Cities Geek founder and editor-in-chief Hal Bichel will be a panelist for Communication in Society and Inclusivity in Fandom, as well as a moderator for several panels she has organized: Pathfinder ex Machina, Gamers in the Business World, and Ask a Submariner (standard and foul-mouthed editions). Outside of those, you can probably find her helping run the local Rocky Horror cast, Transvestite Soup’s, party room in Cabana 106, or with her face buried in her smartphone as she monitors the official CONvergence Facebook and Twitter accounts. That is, if you even recognize her in her inevitable cosplays.

Alexandra HowesAlexandra Howes (Events, Race & Culture) will be involved with Steam Century, which hosts a variety of activities throughout the weekend, including a scavenger hunt during the parties, an interactive mystery game on Saturday, and a craft hour on Sunday. She is also involved with the Guardians of the Galaxy panel (and challenges all to a dance off!), the Supernatural panel (10 years and still rollin’), Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes (so many!), and the Four Horsemen panel.

justini yoginiFor the fourth year in a row, Justini Yogini (The Fit Geek) will be leading a narrated yogic adventure with YogaQuest in the garden court. This time we’re heading into the Whedonverse—it’s a Buffy quest! Justini will also be talking about geek wellness at the Guilt-free Health and Fitness Encouragement panel. In her own words, “I don’t take time off from making wellness geek-accessible, not even for CON!”

duck washingtonDuck Washington (Spotlight) is all over the board at CON this year. Performance-wise, you can see him in both the opening and closing ceremonies, with Double Blind Improv on Friday afternoon, in Harmonic Convergence, and with Vilification Tennis on the Mainstage Friday night. He will be doing a live film riff on Saturday in the Cinema Rex, and panels he will be on are Diversity in Casting (Friday), Vermin (Saturday), Blaxploitation as Dystopia (Saturday), and The Sounds and Scores of Science Fiction (Saturday). He also wrote part of the Masquerade half-time show and will appear in the Super Academy webseries that is debuting in the panel of the same name Saturday night.

briana lawrenceFor Briana Lawrence (Cosplay Positive), CONvergence is one of the few cons she goes to for fun instead of business! You may see her walking around as pin-up Dr. Facilier, in her Mario dress, or as Wonder Woman. She usually doesn’t know what panels she’s going to until she looks at the program book, saying, “I pretty much just play it by ear.”

mark mcphersonCheck out what Mark McPherson (Movie Reviews, Pop Culture) has to say at one—or all—of his panels. On Are There Any Original Ideas Anymore?, he and the other panelists will discuss the current crop of movies in relation to their originality and marquee value that has become a crucial factor in producing film. Saturday Morning Cartoon Fever will open up the Pandora’s box of television animation to relay the panelists’ favorites and divulge some of that useless cartoon history he has built up. Finally, on Saturday night, Mark will be on So Bad It’s Good: Cult Classics, where the group will be discussing the awful movies they hold so dear (featuring Brian Salisbury from and the Junkfood Cinema podcast).

garrick dietzeGarrick Dietze (Arts, Movie Reviews) has a long list of panels he is hoping to attend, and don’t forget the socializing in the evenings around the party rooms and the courtyard! For the panels he will be on himself, check out his dedicated article here, and be sure to read about the new board game he will be playtesting at CON (all gamers welcome).

Photo Kyle DekkerYou can find Kyle Dekker (Arts, Business, Movie Reviews) on multiple panels this year, ranging from Y: The Last Man to the Mad Max Retrospective, Raising Geeks, and more. He’s most excited for the early screening of his biggest ever film project, Super Academy, which will have an exclusive screening on Friday night (also featuring Duck Washington).

miss shannan paulYou can find Miss Shannan Paul (Parenting Geeky) on the following panels: Thriving on the Spectrum, The Smurfette Principle in Marketing, Raising Geeks, Mainstreaming of Geekdom, Do We Need “Princes” Anymore?, and Disappearing Social Justice in Dystopia. Failing that, you can see her in the closing ceremony!

And whether it’s your first or fifteenth time at CONvergence, check out some of TCG’s tips for a happy and healthy weekend:

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