The Ultimate Doctor Who Workout Guide

This summer, I find myself slacking on maintaining a workout routine. My basic excuses include wanting to be outside, going through my video-game backlog, and reading through my favorite comics. After attending CONsole Room at the end of May, I thought about how fun it would be to incorporate the Doctor into my exercise routine—and when the Doctor became my new workout friend, I began looking forward to going to the gym, and it created excitement for being active.

So whether the gym is your home planet or you absolutely despise it like it’s filled with Daleks, there’s a Doctor Who work out for everyone. Here are some ideas to incorporate the Doctor into a fun way to get up and moving.

Doctor Who for the Gym Person

  1. A workout tank with an image of an Adipose from Doctor Who and the words "WORKING MY ADIPOSE OFF"Bring your smartphone. A tablet or an iPod will work, too. If you don’t have any of these, bringing a laptop would work if there’s room. You’ll either need Netflix or Hulu and a Wi-Fi connection at your gym or content loaded on your hard drive so you can play the Doctor Who episode of your choice.
  2. Do your stretching, then pick a cardio machine. I personally love using the treadmill to run, but the elliptical or a bike works too. It’s whatever machine that you find the most comfortable.
  3. Pick your episode. Start exercising at low intensity—this is a warmup, so keep the speed, resistance, and/or incline low.
  4. As the episode increases in intensity, so does your workout. If the Doctor starts to run with the companion, or if the music starts to change, increase your speed and resistance.
  5. Once the Doctor and his companion(s) are safe or stop running, decrease the speed and resistance.
  6. Keep going until the episode ends. The workout will last around forty-five minutes to an hour depending on the episode played.

I absolutely love working out to Matt Smith’s series because the music is fun and upbeat; it’s never hard for me to find motivation. Choose a Doctor who is fun for you and will keep you motivated throughout the cardio workout.

If Going to the Gym Is Like Fighting Daleks

Gym memberships can be expensive, and the gym can be intimidating. But the Doctor can be used in any situation. Here are some ways to use the Doctor for physical activity without visiting the gym.

  1. Load your iPod with Doctor Who music and walk or run around a lake or on a trail. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, so there are plenty to choose from!
  2. When the weather is bad, bring the music to a shopping mall and walk laps.
  3. Use the Doctor as a reward: if you’re active, treat yourself to watching a Doctor Who episode or two afterwards.
  4. Doctor Who weight training. In order to do this, get ahold of some weights and put on an episode, then time your workout to elements of the show. For example: perform bicep curls for the entire title sequence of an episode. This can be done anywhere, even the comfort of your home.

Doctor Who Workout Accessories

Blue water bottle with TARDISSince the Doctor Who fandom has grown over the years, there are now so many Whovian fitness accessories out there that can complement your geeky workout.

One example is the Doctor Who–themed water bottle I purchased at CONsole Room, which has the TARDIS and the show logo on it. Just buying a new water bottle made me more likely to drink water throughout the day, and drinking water can promote fullness and to eat less at meals. It’s also, of course, important to stay hydrated while you exercise.

My fellow roommate, who is also a Whovian, also bought me a Doctor Who tank top, which shows an Adipose and the phrase “working my Adipose off” (see the photo at top). I wore this to the gym a couple days ago, and I had a better workout because of it—I felt better because I loved the shirt I was wearing. Just doing a simple Google search can turn up some other fun Doctor Who workout shirts. Having awesome geek fitness apparel makes me more likely to go to the gym and be active, and I can’t be the only one.

Physical activity can bring a lot of great health benefits, including increased stamina, strength, and confidence—and the Doctor can make fitness fun and promote physical activity. Stay fit so that if you see the Cybermen, you can defeat them!


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