Ramping Up for MN Renaissance Festival: Boar’s Head Leather’s Beautiful and Unique Leather Mugs

As the Minnesota Renaissance Festival finds itself once again upon us, there is no better time to showcase some of the artisans who can be spotted on the festival grounds. Not all of the talented artists have a booth at the festival, but they are still important contributors of wonderful art that bring the spirit of the fest to life. In the second installment of our interview series, we’re featuring artists Tom and Terry Evans, owners of Boar’s Head Leather. Terry took some time to talk with us about their work.

Tom and Terry Evans. Owners of Boar’s Head Leather.

Tom and Terry Evans, owners of Boar’s Head Leather.

Kelly Starsmore (TCG): What got you into designing Renaissance faire gear?

Terry Evans: It all started when, about 16 years ago, we wanted to create a leather mug. Not one with a thin handle, but a nice sturdy one. After about two years of trial and error, we created one with the perfect shape of handle and that allows you to use it for either hot or cold beverages.

Boar's Head Leather

Showing off what they are known for, a heavy duty handle.

TCG: Any pieces you have done that you are particularly proud of?

Terry: Our mugs, of course! We are the only retailers in Minnesota that sell a leather mug that you can put hot liquids in. The sealant that allows this to work took years for us to find. Of course, I am also proud of my steampunk work, though those pieces aren’t very “ren fest.” But they are very fun to make. Also, the purses that I create are wonderful.

Boar's Head Leather

Purses to carry those gold coins.

TCG: I hear that this is your second year with a booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Did you sell your wares prior to getting a booth?

Terry: Last year wast our first Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We also sell at different places, though smaller fairs—mostly tent fairs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Beautiful Barrette's and hair accessories can be found there.

Beautiful barrettes and hair accessories.

TCG: Where are you located at Fest?

Terry: Booth 827. When you enter the main gate, take a left towards the food booths. We are across from the Queen’s Pub, next to Lady of the Silks.

TCG: What can we expect to find there?

Terry: Mugs, of course! New this year are cups (smaller version of the mugs) and leather coffee cups (sorry to the early crowd—they will be available starting the second week of fest). We will also have journals, belts, hair barrettes, checkbook covers, key chains, satchels, purses, mouse pads, coffee-mug wraps, bracers, baldrics, and bookmarks.

Lovely journals for you to document your adventures at the festival.

Lovely journals for you to document your adventures at the festival.

If you like what you see, make sure to stop by and say hello when visiting and like the Boar’s Head Leather Facebook page!

For a list of artisans who have booths at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, please visit the Minnesota Renaissance Festival’s website.

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