Ramping Up for MN Renaissance Festival: Michael Heck & the Original Royal Guard Costumes

As the Minnesota Renaissance Festival finds itself once again upon us, there is no better time to showcase some of the artisans who can be spotted on the festival grounds. Not all of the talented artists have a booth at the renaissance festival, but they are still important contributors of wonderful art that bring the spirit of the fest to life. Todays featured artist is Michael Heck. (Check out our other interviews by clicking here.)

Kelly Starsmore (TCG): What got you into designing Renaissance faire gear?

Michael Heck: I was part of a stage-combat school called En Garde. They offered a class on costuming, and I took to it.

TCG: How long have you been costuming?

Michael: About 22 years.

TCG: What materials do you use in your designs?

Michael: I use mainly cloth, but I have worked in leather before as well.

TCG: Any pieces you have done that you are particularly proud of?

Michael: I helped to create the original “Beefeater”-style style costumes for the Royal Guard (slightly different from the ones they have now). They included an off-duty outfit that was worn under the red wool classic look.

A group photo of the Royal Guard in their red wool uniforms

The Royal Guard

TCG: If someone wants to get a piece from you, how would they best go about doing that?

Michael: They would need to contact me directly; we could discuss pricing and items they want. I do not take on many orders for full costumes, but I am open to doing a few a year.

TCG: If you sell at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where are you located?

Michael: I do not sell out at the RenFest. I do, however, sell to the cast during the costume sale/swap events.

For a list of artisans who have booths at the festival, please visit the Minnesota Renaissance Festival’s website.

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