Reviewing the Indie Author: Zombies in Love

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Cover for Nora Fleisher’s Zombie's in Love.

Cover for Nora Fleisher’s Zombies in Love.

Zombies have invaded Winthrop University—we just don’t know it yet.

One of those zombies, Jack, needs a job; he’s bored and he doesn’t sleep anymore. So he comes in one late night and asks Lisa Alioto, the owner of a Alioto’s Pizza, for a gig cleaning up. Even though Jack has an odd odor, she hires him to do the nightly clean up. He’s a model employee until Lisa stumbles on him partaking of a dead human’s flesh in the back room one evening after close . . . but, as you might suspect given the title, this in turn leads to a very unusual love story.

This novel is refreshing, fun, and unique. It isn’t the most deeply profound reading you will ever have, but if you are looking for a great summer book, this would be it.

The story has some wonderfully bizarre twists, but the context in which they are presented and the tone of the book keep everything flowing well. Of course the main character falls in love with a zombie (who has no idea he was a rich alcoholic in his previous life), and of course it is a mad scientist’s student who steals the book from his teacher and accidentally creates a handful of zombies. What could go wrong, right?

As I have seen with other books I have read, a lot can go wrong with a strange and very out-there plot. This one stays together quite well, however, because the story reads as if it isn’t taking itself seriously, which is the key in getting this story to work. Author Nora Fleischer describes each character perfectly, and they all fit very well into the story. The zombies seem perfectly human, except for their odor, so it is easy for you to relate to their everyday hunger problems.

Sit back with this book on a sunny day at the beach with a nice brown-bagged red wine and relax. You’ll find that you enjoy feeling the warmth on your skin rather then worrying whether maybe that drop of rain might turn you into the living dead. Zombies in Love (not to be confused with the children’s picture book Zombie in Love) is available on Amazon.

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