Get Ready for Halloween with This Easy Pumpkin Diorama

I was at the dollar store the other day when I came across some carveable Styrofoam pumpkins. I didn’t give them much thought until I found the little science figurines in the next aisle. Next thing I knew, I had two pumpkins, some figurines, and a package of moss in my basket. Add some spray paint and googly eyes from Target and I was ready for a diorama!

What You’ll Need

  • At least one carveable pumpkin (you can get these at a number of stores, including Dollar Tree, Target, and Michaels)
  • Figurines! (I found some at both Michaels and Dollar Tree)
  • Preserved moss (Dollar Tree has the best dead-looking moss)
  • Spray paint (I decided to go black)
  • Knife for cutting your pumpkin
  • Some form of glue (I used a hot glue gun)
  • Stuff to decorate the outside of your pumpkin (I used glitter glue and stick-on googly eyes)
Carvable pumpkine, little figurines, preserved moss, and spray paint. Not shown, giltter glue, sticky googly eyes, knife and hot glue gun.

Gather your supplies!


Step 1. Cut a big hole in your pumpkin. This is much easier than with real pumpkins.

Carvable pumpkin with a large hole in the middle.

Make a hole!

Step 2. Spray-paint your pumpkin. You can either do just the inside or the whole thing.

The carvable pumkin has been spray painted black inside and out.

I see an orange pumpkin and I want to make it black . . .

Step 3. Add your figurines and moss. If your pumpkin is small like mine was, it’s a bit tricky to place the figurines in; I used my fingers like tweezers to move them as far back in the hole as possible. Once the figurines are in place, take little bits of moss and add it to the scene.

Figures have been added, as well as little bits of preserved moss.

I was working in the lab late one night . . .

Add figures and a little bit of preserved moss.

Look at the happy assistant gathering bodies!

Step 4. Decorate the outside of your pumpkin. Let your imagination go wild! As mentioned above, I used googly eyes and glitter glue I had lying around, but you can use anything you want. Some other ideas:

  • Fake spider webs, to make it look super awesomely spooky
  • Beer bottle caps, for a tavern-themed diorama
  • If you create a lab scene, paint your pumpkin gray and use wire to make a lightning rod attached to the top
  • Plastic snakes and bugs for a creepy-crawly look
Used glitter glue and sticky googly to decorate the outside of the pumpkin.

Googly eyes make everything better!

Googly eyes and glitter glue have decorated the outside of the pumpkin.


Step 5. Enjoy! Proudly display your pumpkin diorama. I’d love to see what all of you make, so post your pictures on the Twin Cities Geek forums or Facebook page! I will be taking mine to work to decorate my cube for the season.

Happy Halloween and happy crafting!

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