Hunters: Enter the Darkness Is a Gothic Fantasy Board Game Created by Twin Cities Talent

I was introduced to the realm of tabletop gaming relatively recently, and I fell in love. Of the board games I’ve played, Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games, perhaps the best-known board game company based in Minnesota, is my all-time favorite due to its cooperative gameplay and Gothic elements.

I was intrigued to learn another Minnesota company, Kid Loves Tiger Games, is currently promoting a new Gothic-influenced tabletop game on Kickstarter titled Hunters: Enter the Darkness. It has artistic miniatures, adaptable gameplay, and plenty of variety.

Box Art Hunters Enter the Darkness update

Hunters box art. Courtesy Chris Preach

The game is set in the mysterious land of Wayword, an peaceful place until the Mist appeared and transformed its inhabitants into violent beings. Hunters are employed to help stop the creatures formed by the mist. Hunters: Enter the Darkness includes several game types, which center on different objectives—will the Hunters succeed in controlling Wayword or will the violent creatures wreck havoc? That’s up to the players.

Chris Peach, the creator of the game, based the gameplay on multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video games, so you can think of Hunters: Enter the Darkness as being similar to League of Legends or DOTA. He said, “I was introduced to the PC games and League of Legends and I really just fell in love with the systems the games worked in. I thought the strategy of them and feeling they gave you could be translated to a board game pretty well and we got to work doing it.” Well, this game appeals to a PC gamer like me.

In addition to MOBA games, Chris was also inspired by Gothic horror and the game Castlevania. Throw in a few aspects of Brothers Grimm fairy tales and the outcome is Hunters: Enter the Darkness.

Hunters Image

Inspiration for the characters. J. M. Lee

As you might guess, it features a tactical multiplayer battle arena. Gameplay can take between 45 and 90 minutes, so it’s something that can be played after a long day at work or school without taking up your whole evening. The game is also set up to accommodate either mass amounts of people or just a few, and the nine double-sided game tiles provide plenty of adventure into Wayword and the Mist. Initially Hunters comes with 32 minion miniatures and 10 champion miniatures. However, for pledging $30 to the game’s Kickstarter, you will receive three additional champion miniatures.

Local artist Joe Lee drew the chibi art for the miniatures (sculpted by Heriberto Martinez) and character profiles. When asked about the one thing he wanted fans to know about the characters, he said, “I didn’t want this to be one of those games where there are one or two characters everyone wants to play as—I would rather that every character is so interesting that it’s difficult to pick a favorite.”


Characters for Hunters. Courtesy Chris Peach

Hunters: Enter the Darkness is a game that’s devoted to both gameplay experience and character backstory, and the passion from both Chris and Joe is evident. It is one that cannot be missed.

As mentioned, this fascinating game is on Kickstarter—and with 11 days to go, it has reached its initial goal of $18,000! Check out the campaign here and donate to help it reach its stretch goal and earn a number of rewards. The Kid Love Tiger Facebook page is also there to keep up with the game’s progress, so check it out here.

Chris Peach founded Kid Loves Tiger Games in 2014. The company focuses on making games their creators would play themselves, particularly those with a focus on player interaction.

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