10 Geeky Holiday Crafts to Deck Your Halls with Awesome

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Normally, you see holiday posts closer to, well, the holidays. Most people find the sight of festive décor before Thanksgiving nauseating (and in spirit, I’m right there with you). But if you’re a crafty geek, you can’t wait until December to start thinking about the holiday crafts—most crafty genius takes time to create! And these crafts that I’ve rounded up from the far corners of the Internet are genius, in my own humble opinion, and worth planning to spend time on!

All of these tutorials are free for personal use, and I worked to find and credit the original source for each of them (rather than linking to a link that links to another link). The order is due to my personal opinion of their awesomeness —and more awesome typically means more difficult, so the top crafts are on the medium to hard end. I also tried to include a broad range of franchises. But if I missed your favorite, or if you want to see more of the same, Google is a fabulous tool. Check it out!

1. Star Wars Cut-Out Snowflakes

Star Wars Snowflake Cut Out

Chaunce Dolan / Mattersofgray.com

Skill Level: Medium

So these might be easy compared to some crafts, but cut-out snowflakes have always been my Kryptonite, so your mileage may vary. When I saw these my mind was blown—they’re super cool looking and very pop-culture appropriate this year with the new movie coming out. (Have you heard there’s a new movie coming out? There’s totally a new movie coming out.) I especially like that they’re free to download, but you can donate to the creators what you think they’re worth. I would encourage you to throw them a few dollars if you can.

2. Cthulhu Wreath

cthulhu wreath

Liquidnight / Imgur

Skill Level: Medium

Some hot glue and some advance planning (a few of the key ingredients need to be hunted down or ordered online) and you will have a sweet holiday homage to the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu fhtagn and a happy New Year.

3. Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Topper

weeping angel topper

lilybet85 / Blogspot

Skill Level: Medium

This particular idea is horrifying to me (I’m not letting a weeping angel into my house . . . on purpose . . . no way), but some people are into that. I love that this project uses clay to sculpt the angel. Also, the author of this craft tutorial isn’t one of those who just makes everything seem so easy—they actually talk you through each step instead of assuming you already understand how to do it.

4. Keyboard Key Ornaments


Nicola H / cutoutandkeep.net

Skill Level: Easy

I had to read this tutorial twice before I believe that yes,  that’s really all there is to this! It’s a super simple way to create some unusual décor for your tree. I think the hardest part may be finding some cheap keyboards, since I’m not 100 percent sure the thrift stores accept them as donations, but if you ask around, chances are high that someone you know is getting rid of an old computer.

5. Star Wars Felt Ornaments


DIY Geekery / WordPress

Skill Level: Easy

Don’t be intimidated—felt is actually pretty forgiving to work with. I love that these are based on the standard angel ornaments that have been popular for so many years, but with an awesome Star Wars flavor! Put a geek spin on tradition with a tiny peaceful Yoda or an adorably ominous Vader on your tree.

6. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ornament

golden snitch ornament

tinyapartmentcrafts / blogspot.com

Skill Level: Hard

I classified this as hard not because the actual process is hard (it’s more of a medium) but because it takes some specific materials that aren’t super cheap or versatile. I love this ornament, so I definitely think it’s worth the effort. If you aren’t into this particular idea, though, you can’t throw a rock on the Internet without hitting a Harry Potter tree ornament tutorial. (You can start here: 17 Awesome Tree Ornaments Any Harry Potter Fan Would Love)

7. Star Trek Stockings


Shayne / geekcrafts.com

Skill Level: Medium

If you have basic sewing skills, these fun stockings shouldn’t be a challenge for you. I especially love the simple, almost minimalist design—it’s understated but impossible to mistake for anything other than what it is! Cue up some Star Trek Christmas carols and cozy up to the fireplace with your favorite fan.

8. Firefly Knitted Mini Jayne Hat Ornament

mini jayne hat

knitfink / ravelry.com

Skill Level: Medium

It was surprisingly difficult to find a DIY Firefly-themed holiday decoration, but I finally found this mini Jayne hat that I thought would be perfect as an ornament. You do have to know how to knit, or have someone who loves you and knows how to knit. Once the hat is made, I think it’d be pretty simple to put a hook or ribbon on the top to make it into an ornament!

9. Captain America Tree Skirt

captain america treeskirt

withourpowers / blogspot.com

Skill Level: Medium

Even though this is another felt project, it’s pretty ambitious. There’s a fair amount of piecing involved, so I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who has never used a sewing machine before. But the authors of the tutorial talk you through each step, so if you’re a Captain America fan who’s up for the challenge, the results will be worth it! And if you aren’t into felt but do have some sewing experience, I think it would be fairly simple to use cotton or costume satin instead and just hem the raw edges.

10. Upcycled CD Ornaments


thriftalina / blogspot.com

Difficulty Level: Easy

These are easy and colorful additions to anyone’s holiday décor—and they’re the perfect size for stocking stuffers! Supplies are simple to locate and you could even do this with young ones if you were so inclined. The only change I would suggest is gluing the ribbon to the back before the backing paper, instead of after as the tutorial suggests, but that’s totally personal preference.

There you have it—happy holiday crafting, craft geeks! If you’ve done any of these projects, or if you have a suggestion for something different, please share in the comments.

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