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Gamer's Rhapsody Video Game Concert & Convention flyer

Gamer’s Rhapsody is a weekend-long video game convention and concert series held in Bloomington, MN. The event is all about celebrating the artistic and engineering beauty of video games and their creation, and includes:

  • Live performances of video game music!
  • Panels and workshops on video game art, music, and development!
  • An entire room dedicated to local indie developers!
  • Exhibitors and artists showing off their creations!

The mission of Gamer’s Rhapsody is to create a unique experience where games, music, art, and development can be enjoyed, appreciated, and inspire attendees to create something new and awesome.

Here are some photos from last year’s Gamer’s Rhapsody:

5 panelists at a table with a projection behind them talking about the classical roots of video game music

“Hey Listen!” panel discussing the classical roots of video game music at Gamer’s Rhapsody 2014

4 people sit at a table with a projection behind them about remixes

Overclocked Remix panel at Gamer’s Rhapsody 2014

Do a Barrel Roll performing

Do a Barrel Roll performs at Gamer’s Rhapsody 2014

As you can see, Gamer’s Rhapsody is the place you want to be if you are at all into the design, art, and music of video games. It’s a great place to learn about the creative vocations that contribute to your favorite games, network with local indie developers, see what’s going on in the local game development scene, and just meet other gamers who are into the art of games.

Gamer’s Rhapsody 2015 will take place November 13-14 at the Ramada Bloomington in Bloomington, MN. Tickets are $35.

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