Reviewing the Indie Author: The D’Karon Apprentice

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The D’Karon Apprentice is the fourth installment in the Book of Deacon series by Joseph Lallo, which I first wrote about here almost a year ago. Myranda and her friends have destroyed the evil that hid in the Northern Alliance, and the north and the south have reached an uneasy truce. Slowly, though, an evil awakens in the south, intent on bringing death to the land. Will Myranda and her friends be able to stop this evil and keep the truce?

Cover of the D'Karon Apprentice: Top reads Joseph R Lallo and the Bottom script shows The D'Karon Apprentice. The picture is of a woman sitting in a thrown with a staff. She's clad in black with long black hair. The backgorund is greenish, forested, some light.

A return to a land of bitter cold, The D’Karon Apprentice starts out fast and continues its pace. Not so fast that you can’t keep up, but fast enough that you can’t find that moment to stop and put it down. The book brings more depth to a lot of characters—shining a new light on how they have grown and matured and the new difficulties that they are coming to terms with after the war.

The newest villainess in the series has been asleep for hundreds of years. Once one of the disciples of D’Karon, she awakes to find the others have all perished. Refusing to believe, her only focus is on bringing them back to this world to bring peace.

Once again, Lallo manages to introduce and submerge you into a new and beautiful place. The lands of Tressor are a stark contrast to the Northern Alliance’s—instead of cold tundra, they are desert and dust. As you are brought to these lands, you can feel the heat on your face and the difference in the cultures between the two. The subtle details the authors gives to you help enhance your imagination, but they never feel like a dead weight or a chore to read through.

As always, each and every character is brought alive by Lallo’s wonderful storytelling. They are each easy to relate to in their own way, even when the character is evil. There are no Mary Sue characters—each has risen from their own ashes and had hardships themselves to get where they are.

This is a must-read book. Though Amazon files it under young adult, as was the case with The Book of Deacon, this a book for any age. Readers from young teens to adults will enjoy the worlds of Joseph Lallo.

You can purchase The D’Karon Apprentice here and visit Joseph Lallo’s Book of Deacon website here.

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