The Netflix Battle of Daredevil and Jessica Jones

Like many others, I binge-watched Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix when it premiered on November 20. To be honest, I knew relatively little about Jessica Jones the character, but I fell in love with show so much I have watched the whole season twice now. However, what about Daredevil? Daredevil was the first series to attempt to make a dark drama for a Marvel character and to truly succeed at it. So the question becomes: which is better, Daredevil or Jessica Jones?

Daredevil poster Jessica Jones poster

WARNING: Spoilers for those who have not finished these two shows.

Let’s start with the main characters and the actors who play them. Charlie Cox plays the blind lawyer by day, super-sensed vigilante Daredevil at night. I have to say that Cox brought the titular character back to life after the absolute insult that was Ben Affleck as Daredevil. No one wanted to touch the franchise due to how bad the 2003 movie was and how detrimental it could be to an actor’s career. Cox brought charm and back to Matt Murdock and dark determination and legitimacy back to Daredevil. I find it funny that Cox, a relatively unknown actor before this, was able to bring back such a revival.

Then there is Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones. Whereas Cox’s character is fairly confident, Ritter’s is broken, and I feel that more people can relate to that these days. Jones suffers from PTSD due to the hardships she has endured and uses alcohol as a coping mechanism, which leads to some comic relief (an aspect Daredevil somewhat lacks). Not what one may consider as the best role-model material, but this adds a dose of reality to a character with super strength. So, Cox/Daredevil is great, but Ritter/Jones is just better.

Plus one for Jessica Jones.

Then there are the villains. I go on record as saying that with the exception of maybe Loki, Daredevil’s Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onfrio) and Jessica Jones’s Kilgrave (David Tennant) are the best in the Marvel live-action universe in regards to how well they are developed and portrayed. But which is better? I found Kilgrave to be quite intriguing due his disconnect from everyone but Jessica herself. He does not understand compassion or tenderness, and once you find out about his origins, can we really blame him? Plus there’s his ability to make others do whatever he tells them to do—freaky! However, Wilson Fisk is just as evil, and there is something truly haunting about a villain who is able to take on their foe with no superpowers, especially when the hero has them! In the end, both villains are wonderfully acted and very ruthless, but Fisk wins in the end because he uses only his intellect and brute force to strike fear into heroes rather than the luxury of having superpowers.

Plus one for Daredevil.

Then there is the sex appeal. Like it or not, Marvel hires beautiful people in its movies and television shows, and these two are no different, but which has more appeal? Cox, no doubt, brought an attraction back to Daredevil after Affleck’s attempt: he’s better looking than Affleck, and you have to be impressed by his abs (I know I was jealous). But then there’s Ritter! Ritter just oozes sex appeal, and the fact that there are actual sex scenes in Jessica Jones gives it the edge. The villains? I’ve been on social media enough lately to hear how much the ladies love Tennant both in looks and accent. D’Onofrio is a wonderful actor but not exactly on People’s Sexiest Man Alive list. Then there are the supporting characters for each show: Debra Ann Woll versus Rachael Taylor (Woll wins); Elden Henson versus Mike Colter (Colter); and Rosario Dawson versus Carrie-Ann Moss (Dawson). By my count, that’s three-two in favor of Jessica Jones.

Plus one for Jessica Jones.

It seems, by these comparisons, that Jessica Jones comes out on top. I personally think it is better, but I could be wrong. Check out the shows on Netflix and let me know what you think.


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