Reviewing the Indie Author: Insanity

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Cameron Jace is famous for retelling fairy tales and creating a dark, new world around them. This is because he does it right. Take, for example, his five-book Insanity series, based on the Alice in Wonderland series by Lewis Carroll.

In Insanity (Mad in Wonderland)the first book in the seriesCover of InsanityAlice lies alone in her cell, relying on her tiger lily to let her know if she is sane. She’s been through enough electroshock therapy that she can’t remember the last week. She is crazy but proud of it.

Lewis Carroll originally sealed up all the evil in Wonderland. But now the serial-killer Cheshire Cat has killed seven girls. Professor Carter Pillar–a mysterious hookah-smoking man who wants to prove that Alice is the “real” Alice–acts as her guide to find and destroy the killer. Alice is in a race through madness to find Cheshire and save the girl he currently holds captive.

Insanity is a young adult novel in the urban fantasy/horror genre. The book is well paced, delightful, and full of fun surprises. Cameron takes and creates a perfect new world for his fairy tale characters (including the charming Jack Diamonds and many others). He creates a modern universe around a timeless character, and allows you to believe that maybe we are all a little mad. It’s a wonderful roller coaster ride that consumes you until the end, and leaves you wanting more.

It all comes down to a simple nursery rhyme:

“When she was sane, she was very, very sane. And when she was mad, she was Alice.”

You can learn more about Cameron Jace from his website, or follow him on Twitter (@cameronjace), Facebook or Instagram. Insanity is available for $0.99 on Amazon.

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