Twin Cities T-Rexes Take Over Tuesdays

The first time we saw the “Big City + Big T-rex = Big Trouble video by Trex Tuesdays, we knew we had to reach out for an interview. Luckily for us, the T-rexes are super friendly and approachable (as you would expect from good Minnesotans, even the reptiles!). They were even willing to trek back over to Spoonbridge and Cherry for a photo op with us!

Lydia Karch (TCG): First of all, I have to ask—which came first, the costume or the idea for the videos?

T-Rexes: The costume definitely came first. Humans 1 and 2 were sitting in a bar one night. Human 1 showed human 2 the T-rex just purchased, and they started plotting all the ways they could run around as T-rex together. Soon, T-rex 2 arrived, and the rest is history.

TCG: What originally inspired you to start Trex Tuesdays? Do you have a mission or specific goal?

T-Rexes: We have always been passionate about costumes and shenanigans. We don’t need public attention to have fun with it—we’ve made up and gone on our own themed, two-person pub crawl and no one knew we were doing it! Hahaha.

We were making videos for our own enjoyment but thought our friends might get a kick out of it too, and then thought, if we make this public, anyone who wants a laugh can have one! The goal is just to have fun and make people laugh!

TCG: The videos started with one T-rex, and now there are two. Is there a way to tell the different T-rex personalities apart?

T-Rexes: We think we’re always androgynous as T-rexes, but there may be a more athletic and coordinated dino and a slightly more clumsy or dopey dino. We’re still exploring our dinosaur personalities—with each video, things will change and more of our personalities will be revealed!

TCG: The motto listed on your Facebook profile is “Because every Tuesday needs a T-rex.” Why Tuesday and not Thursday?

T-Rexes: Thursday already has “thirsty” and “throwback.” Tuesday needed something exciting, so we gave it a T-rex!

TCG: What prompted you to start adding music to the videos? Not gonna lie, I thought one of the most hilarious parts of the early videos was that swishing sound the tail makes as it gets dragged around.

T-Rexes: We first added music to the “New Year’s Resolution: Make New Friends!” video as a way to cover up some unwanted background noise. We thought the music added another humor element, so we’ve been experimenting!

TCG: When you’re out filming these pieces, how often do observers stop to watch and/or get involved?

T-Rexes: We try not to be too disruptive . . . but when people are around, they do sometimes stop to watch and sometimes take pictures. We tend to be pretty out of place everywhere we go!

A woman takes a photo of the Trex Tuesdays dinosaurs

Sure enough, our photo shoot attracted plenty of attention from other people at the Sculpture Garden. Madeleine Vasaly

TCG: Of the social media platforms you currently use—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter—which one do you like best? And which one has given you the widest reach?

T-Rexes: When we started out, we didn’t want to post directly to our personal social media pages, so we started with a public Instagram account as a way to make the videos accessible to friends, family, and whoever they wanted to share them with. We added the Facebook page as another way share our video of the week and provide another platform for fans to communicate with us. All our videos are also now on YouTube!

Initially, Instagram had the most popularity, especially after “New Year’s Resolution: Make New Friends!,” but “Big City + Big T-rex = Big Trouble” really took off on Facebook with 250,000 views, leading us to celebrate a 1,000 page likes milestone five days later! Two weeks later, when “Ice is Slippery” was posted, we were absolutely floored as we watched the view count, likes, comments, and shares skyrocket. Our fans on both Facebook and Instagram are from over 45 different countries!

Since we started with Instagram, we’ve filmed to make the videos both Instagram friendly and Facebook friendly, but that could change as we go. Facebook has been the easiest to use in regards to seeing how many people are watching each video, whereas Instagram only shows likes and comments. We would love for more of our fans to reach out to us on Twitter, since Twitter didn’t come naturally to us. With our small arms and hands, we had trouble with its fast paced nature!

We also want to make Twitter a more “all access” media in the future, and possibly release some fun video shorts there!

TCG: Do you have plans to branch out on to any other social media platforms?

T-Rexes: Not at this point, but we’re just getting started!

TCG: You’ve filmed at the Spoonbridge and Cherry. Which other Twin Cities landmarks or iconic locations are you hoping to hit?

T-Rexes: We would have loved to go to the St. Paul Capitol building, but it is under construction until the summer of 2017. In the summer, we have plans to visit the Minnesota State Fair!

TCG: Will the T-rexes need any cold weather gear now that we’re finally into true winter?

T-Rexes: Definitely. Since studies have suggested that we are actually closer to warm-blooded creatures, mittens will be key.

TCG: Name your top three local celebrities you would love to have guest on a Tuesday.


  1. We would love to run around with Goldy Gopher. He’s a personal hero.
  2. Playing catch (or attempting to) with Joe Mauer would be entertaining and magical.
  3. We would like to play air guitar for the artist formerly known as Prince, who, like us, marches to the beat of his own drum.

TCG: Any plans to meet up with Minne the Lake Creature?

T-Rexes: We would love to meet up once Minne comes out of hibernation!

TCG: In the Cub Foods video (“Discovery!”), you’re pretty excited to find frozen fried chicken. Is this the preferred food of T-rexes in Minnesota? Any other local favorites?

T-Rexes: We are fans of meat in every form! We haven’t picked a favorite yet because we still have a lot of exploring to do, and it’s been a bit hard to order online from our laptop with our head-to-arm ratio—we can’t type and see the screen at the same time.

TCG: Your latest video, “Ice is Slippery,” has over 58 million views as of January 31st. How does it feel to be viral stars?

T-Rexes: We are completely blown away!!! We were so surprised and excited to see so many people from around the world enjoying our video(s)! It has been amazing reading the thousands of comments and messages from people saying thank you for the smiles and laughs. It is an absolutely unbelievable feeling.

TCG: I know being interviewed by Twin Cities Geek is a high honor, but are there any local (or national) news programs you’d love to be on? Radio, TV, even YouTube?

T-Rexes: It’s absolutely an honor! Twin Cities Geek was the very first to reach out to us for an interview after “Big City + Big T-rex = Big Trouble”!

If the sky’s the limit . . . it would be so fun to go on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, or Stephen Colbert!

TCG: One of you is obviously a pretty good skater. Were the other ice rink patrons supportive or interested?

T-Rexes: Well, since we missed the ice age by about 60 million years, we weren’t sure what would happen once we took the ice. Minnesotans love their winter sports, and they were very supportive when they saw us getting on the ice. We even got a high five!

TCG: In closing, any parting words or requests for our readers?

T-Rexes: We’re thrilled we’ve been able to make so many people laugh! The goal is to spread happiness through T-rex shenanigans.

Many people have commented that they would like to join us on an adventure, so once the weather warms up, we plan to orchestrate a grand T-rex get-together and video shoot. So stay tuned in the upcoming months for details and a save the date!

We have some fun adventures planned, so come join us every Tuesday!

T-Rex Inspirational Quotes

“Don’t let society define who you are supposed to be. If you want to be a dinosaur, you go out there and be the best dinosaur you can be!”
—T-Rex 1

“Life shouldn’t always be taken too seriously! Sometimes you need to run around like a crazy dinosaur and have some fun, especially during Minnesotan winters.”
—T-Rex 2

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