Geeky Fitness Accessories to Kick-Start Healthy Habits

No matter what anyone tells you, it’s completely possible to be a fit geek. Yesterday, I walked into the gym wearing Hogwarts socks (with my Nike sneakers), wearing my Doctor Who tank top, and carrying my matching Tardis water bottle. I was 100% ready to tackle my workout because I felt like my most confident self in my geeky apparel. (Combining fandoms with my exercise gear also encourages other geeks to strike up a conversation.)

I recommend these items for any geek entering a gym:

1. Batman Water Bottle/Shaker

Everyone needs a good water bottle. Drinking enough water is not only essential to good health: it helps you perform better and weigh less. And a Batman water bottle is perfect for heroics at work or the gym. (There’s also a Superman one if you lean more towards the Man of Steel.)

Batman Water Bottle

Even Batman needs water.

2. Doctor Who Duffel Bag

I can’t just run on the treadmill without some motivation. Gym bags make sure we geeks don’t forget anything crucial like phones or iPads. They’re also good for holding car keys, a water bottle, and a towel. Duffels are also small enough to store on the backseat of your car. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym only to look and see that you forgot something. This black and white Tardis bag will prevent that bad feeling.

Doctor Who Duffle Bag

Bring the Tardis with you to the gym!

3. Star Wars/Supernatural Towels

Sure, gyms usually have their own towels, but do they have awesome fandom quotes and designs on them? Nope. I get sweaty when I workout: I want a towel to be able to wipe my face. I found these on Think Geek. I side with the Rebel Alliance (BB8 is completely adorable) so I would definitely put this hand towel in my gym bag. Supernatural fans will adore this well-designed beach towel. Take it to the beach on a summer day or cover your yoga mat with it. I’ve heard awesome things about Supernatural. One day–when I’m not a college student–I’ll devote some time to this fandom.

Star Wars towels Supernatural Beach Towel

Everyone gets motivated differently when it comes to physical activity. For me, it definitely helps to have geeky accessories to show off as I hit the treadmill. And when I hear the Tardis, I’ll be ready.

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