Pokémon Meets Tamagotchi in the Wokamon Fitness App

One childhood toy I cherished was TamagotchiI loved the idea of taking care of a little creature even if it wasn’t an actual pet. Besides Tamagotchi, I was a huge fan of Pokémon and Digimon. Agumon was easily my favorite, and I still have Digimon action figures around my house. And now, I’m happy to say that I uncovered a fitness app that reminds me of Pokémon, Digimon, and Tamagotchi: Wokamon. It doesn’t have as much customization as I would like, but it’s an entertaining app, and if you’re a mobile gamer who needs a cute pedometer, I would try this first.

the app has a reddish ground and orangish sky, plus buttons on the left to show silverware, a planet, a shirt, and something else. THe top shows LV7 Stella (showing level 7), xo 94/124, and how many steps she needs to level up.

Meet Stella, my first Wokamon.

The app features the Wokamon race, who need energy to create happiness—the energy they feed off comes from your steps and movement per day. Every time you move, you level up your Wokamon and make them stronger. This app has a built in pedometer, so it counts your steps for you, but if you have a Fitbit you can link to that as well.

My Wokamon, whom I’m now calling Stella, is actually pretty cute. Every time you level up your creature, it gets super excited and smiles a lot. It’s pretty adorable. Besides leveling up your Wokamon, you can buy clothes for it, which help you gather more crystals to buy other things. You can buy new worlds and also new species of Wokamon, so if you finish leveling up one species, you can level up another. There’s one Wokamon that looks like a cat, and being the cat lady that I am, that’s the next one I’m going to purchase. 

There are also achievements you unlock as you progress through the app. I really like this feature because I’m an Xbox gamer at heart, so achievements are something I’m constantly working toward. Achievements range from leveling up your Wokamon in order to buy new worlds to walking 10,000 steps for three days in a row. Connecting to friends via Facebook is another quick way to unlock achievements. I have two friends right now, from whom I have received so many crystals. I’ll need these to unlock the cat I mentioned earlier.

A blue screenshot of the next monsters to unlock. which look like kitty, raccoon, fox, sandwich, and monsters. Some are free, some cost. They have names like kiki, cocon, rel, unclebaky, and others.

Notice Kiki, the one that looks like a cat.

One downside for me was that I noticed leveling up happened really fast: the first day I downloaded the app, I reached level 100 with Stella. As a college student I walk everywhere, but I only ended up walking 5,903 steps, which doesn’t seem like a lot. It’s almost too easy to level up, and I’m not sure if I’m a fan of that—though I will say that when you progress through levels it does become harder to level up. (Stella has lately been stuck at level 145 thanks to a lazy Friday.) I also wish I could customize the Wokamon a little more; you can buy a few clothing items, but that’s about it. It would be cool if you could change their color or buy different types of clothing to make your creature unique.

Wokamon : orange background, top line down: Shop (lists credits), unlock or level up accessories to grow faster, 219.94k xp per step, then icons for shirt, planet, star, and a box. The shirt is selected with a black background, and underneath, it shows a hat, bracelet, with the level and how much more to level up to buy it. ,

All you can buy for your Wokamon.

Wokamon is overall a cute and fun fitness app that focuses on the benefits of walking. Even though I wish there things that I could change about it, I still find myself checking to see if I’ve leveled up Stella. Plus, before I quit this app, I need to purchase that cat Wokamon, because cats are my favorite!

This app is free in both the Apple and Android app stores. If you download it, feel free to add me by searching for my full name: Mariah Kaercher. We can start leveling up our Wokamon together!

Screen showing Mariah Karcher's home screen for the app. It shows her picture, how many wokamon, accessories, and world she has, plus a settings, an activity, and friends button.

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