How Does Your Geek Garden Grow?


Spring has officially sprung with its moody temperature changes and hordes of people desperate to get out of their houses after a long winter. Now that the harsh cold has passed, people are turning their attention to their gardens and other outdoor areas of their homes. Hopefully, one of these items will catch your fancy and give you something on which to spend your hard-earned pennies. So get out there and geek up your garden! Doesn’t it deserve it?

Please note: Etsy shops sometimes only stock one-of-a-kind items, and eventually they sell. If you find that an item has already sold, consider contacting the seller and asking them to make you a second one. In my experience, the price is the same, and if they created it once they are likely to be willing to create it again. Don’t forget to leave them feedback!

Also, a note on shipping: Etsy is mostly small independent sellers peddling their work, and the following are all bulkier garden-type items. Expect shipping to be another $10–$20 on top of the price, depending on the weight of the item and its fragility. Happy hunting!

Handpainted Game of Thrones Bird House

GoT Birdhouse / Nirdhouses

Game of Thrones birdhouse at Nirdhouses, $28.99.

Lord Varys may have his “little birds,” but he only wishes he had yard art as great as these birdhouses! Let everyone know where your loyalty lies in the Battle of the Five Kings with this hand-painted Targaryen bird house! Are you more of a lion than a dragon? There’s one for the Lannisters, as well! Though this shop seems to be a recent addition to Etsy, NirdHouses lives up to its name with a great selection of birdhouses related to various examples of geekdom. These include a space-themed birdhouse that caught my eye as well as a unique rendition of the Enterprise.

Bookworm Gnome Garden Concrete Figure

Bookworm Gnome Statue / WestWindHomeGarden

Bookworm Gnome Statue at WestWindHomeGarden, $34.95.

We all wish we could spend more time reading outside in springtime and feeling the breeze. When you can’t be there, make sure your garden doesn’t get lonely with this concrete Bookworm Gnome statue. Settle him into a nice spot, and he’ll make you smile every time you see him. I personally prefer the gray-painted statue (pictured), but for another $5 WestWindHomeGarden can paint him in his more traditional red and blue outfit. If you like garden gnomes even when they’re not reading books among your flowers, you should definitely check out the shop’s other gnome statuary options!

Custom Wooden Directional Sign Five-Pack

Custom Directional Signs / CurioObscurio

Custom Directional Signs at CurioObscurio, $100.

Which way to Hogwarts? Can you tell me how to get to the Shire? Never lose your way with this set of five custom wooden directional signs hand painted on reclaimed wood. CurioObscurio has dozens of versions—you can choose a set of related signs (all in Middle Earth, for example) or create your own custom package. Signs can be hung inside, but they are treated with a varnish that is rated for outdoor use as well. This makes them a perfect addition to a tree or post in your yard and a great reminder that not all who wander are lost.

Hand-Painted Time Lord Flags

Time Lord Flags / SedaSilks

Time Lord Flags at SedaSilks, $35.

Bring a little bit of Gallifrey to your porch or home with this set of three hand-painted silk flags inspired by everyone’s favorite Time Lord. I have been unable to find any inspirational quotes from the Doctor on interior decorating per se, but I am confident that he would 100 percent approve this decorating choice. If blue isn’t your color, SedaSilks can make you something similar in a different one. And who knows? It may catch a Time Lord’s eye as he tears down the street looking for his next Companion. These flags could be your shot at exploring the universe: don’t miss out.

Star Trek Stained Glass Suncatcher

Star Trek Suncatcher / Stay Glassy

Star Trek Suncatcher at Stay Glassy, $47.69.

No one will doubt your commitment to Starfleet with this Star Trek–inspired stained glass sun catcher. Hang it in your window or from a garden stake to remind the squirrels of the Prime Directive. (And to stop messing with your tomatoes. Have you noticed that they take one bite and throw them down? They’re worse than Ferengi.) This particular example from Stay Glassy measures 5 by 7 inches, but you can check out a smaller version here. Live long and . . . well, you know the rest!

Deadpool River Rock

Deadpool River Rock / DigDeeperDesigns

Deadpool River Rock at DigDeeperDesigns, $30 + free shipping!

Deadpool would probably have something funny and rude to say about your yard rocks, but you can turn the tables and put him on a rock with these painted stones from DigDeeperDesigns. This shop features a variety of geeky painted river rocks: Deadpool doesn’t have to be the star of your yard. You could go with Star Wars or Agents of SHIELD, for example. This vendor is willing to customize whatever you have in mind. And let’s be honest: Deadpool is too busy breaking the mold on the superhero movie genre to care much about your yard rocks.

R2D2-Inspired Flower Pot

R2D2 Painted Flower Pot / FlourishandPots

R2D2 Painted Flower Pot at FlourishandPots, $15.00.

If the awesome, geeky, painted flower pots from this shop weren’t enough to earn my admiration, the awesome shop name, FlourishAndPots (based on a Harry Potter pun for the Muggles among you), guarantees my eternal devotion. You can choose from a variety of punny and creative options, including Star Wars, Harry Potter (of course), and Disney-inspired designs. You can also message the the shop to request a specific size. And even though they’re almost too pretty to trust to the outdoors, each pot is sealed to protect it from the elements. You can always get more than one and have them inside and out. Win-win!

Elvish “Speak Friend and Enter” Doormat

Speak Friend and Enter / DamnGoodDoormats

Speak Friend and Enter at DamnGoodDoormats, $50.00.

No geeky home and garden round up would be complete without some reference to The Lord of the Rings. You can find this quote on many home decorating objects, but after an exhaustive search, I settled on this particular doormat as my favorite. DamnGoodDoormats has a few variations on the “Speak Friend and Enter” design, as well as other designs related to Middle Earth. And if you have more than one door to your house, check out their other geek doormats, which include inspirations from Doctor Who, Star Wars, and even The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Note: these are not designed to be exposed to the elements. A covered porch or a spot just inside the house would probably work best for them.

“Aim to Misbehave” Wooden Distressed Sign

Aim to Misbehave Wooden Sign / KSCEngraving

Aim to Misbehave Wooden Sign at KSCEngraving, $25.00.

It’s important to know where you stand on misbehavior. Announce your intentions clearly to any incoming visitors with this distressed sign that’s laser engraved into reclaimed antique barn wood. It can be challenging to find Firefly-inspired home items (try doing a Google search for “firefly” or “serenity” and home decoration: it’s almost like there are people out there who decorate with actual fireflies and serenity quotes!), but this is your one stop shop for Firefly-related wood signs. My other favorites include “Shiny: Let’s Be Bad Guys” and “Keep Flying.” If Firefly was never your thing, there are other geeky sign options. To make it even better, KSCEngraving is Minnesota based: you can indulge your geekery and shop local(ish) at the same time. Go crazy!

Do you have more ideas for Geek Garden options? Post them in the comments!

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