Can You Spot the Twin Cities Geeks at CONvergence 2016?

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CONvergence is here! Perhaps unsurprisingly, it will be difficult to avoid spotting the Twin Cities Geek team on the ground at the DoubleTree Hotel. Read on to discover where you might spot us!

Two places where you will definitely find Twin Cities Geek staff are at the TCG fan table and the official TCG panel, “Twin Cities Geek, the Geek Culture Magazine.” Come on out and show your support for the online geek culture magazine that is made by Minnesota geeks, for Minnesota geeks! For more information on our official presence at the convention, check out “Twin Cities Geek at CONvergence 2016.”

Spot the Geeks

Photo of Aaron CokerEditor and contributor Aaron Coker will be all over CONvergence representing the Just Enough Trope podcast. He’ll also be a panelist for “Dragon Age: To Tevinter and Beyond!” and “Uphill Both Ways” and both a panelist and host for “Everything New Is Old Again” and the Captain America: Civil War panel (the last two with fellow TCG writer Satish Jayaraj). And after a hard day of geeking, he’ll Batdance the night away at the Purple Party Room, hosted by TCG’s Garrick Dietze!

Photo of Adam Haverkamp with a monkey on his headCan’t decide between man and dog? Hopefully you’ll spot game reviewer Adam Haverkamp dressed as everyone’s favorite mawg, Barf! He might even have a tasty dog treat for you or your best friend (unless, of course, you are your own best friend). He will otherwise be drinking, geeking, and generally cavorting.

Anissa GoochContributor Anissa Gooch won’t be attending CONvergence itself, but you can catch her Friday night at the Harmonic CONvergence performance of the epic Midwest retrofuturist steampunk art rock band Bad September at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Catch the 100 percent free CONvergence 24-hour shuttle and join her as she rocks out to musical alternate histories of Queen Victoria, Nikola Tesla, and Oscar Wilde, Super Spy!

Ansley Grams Profile PicWatch video-game writer Ansley Grams compete in the Masquerade or catch her when you stop by Cinema Rex, CONvergence’s official film room! Relax in one of the comfy seats they’ve brought in while watching some great films. You can also see her discussing what makes a good horror game in the aptly named panel “Horror in Video Games” and talking about the best soundtracks in the panel “Soundtracks in Movies and TV.”

garrickThrowback Thursday film columnist Garrick Dietze will be hosting the Purple Party Room, where you can pay your respects to the purple reign of Prince. Go crazy all weekend long and party like it’s 1999—raspberry berets optional.

Hal Bichel HeadshotTwin Cities Geek founder and editor-in-chief Hal Bichel can be found at several panels. Among her many panel appearance will be sitting on the Twin Cities Geek panel and sharing geeky wisdom about navigating the Internet geek currents in “Etiquette and Ethics for the 21st Century,” “Trolling, Trolling, Trolling,” and “Geeky Online Community Management.”

Photo of Joe WeinbergContributor Joe Weinberg will wander CONvergence at will, but he will definitely be on site to record an episode of Late to the Party, a locally produced podcast guide to geek culture.

Kelly StarsmoreContributor Kelly Starsmore, who focuses on indie book reviews, will be spending most of her convention time wandering. Outside the official Twin Cities Geek panel, you have the best chance of running into her at the Supernatural panel. After dusk you can find her on the smoking patio, making new friends.

Madeleine VasalySenior editor and contributor Madeleine Vasaly will be experiencing CONvergence for the first time ever! She’ll be staffing the TCG fan table on Friday evening and sitting on the Twin Cities Geek panel on Saturday.

mark mcphersonIf you’re lucky, you can catch film reviewer Mark McPherson promoting his books Thief on a Starship and The Great Animated Movies. He will also be weighing in on dealbreakers in “I Had to Stop Watching/Reading When . . .” and discussing how to live without cable TV in “Cutting the Cable Cord.”

Master Panel Guide

Below is the complete list of panels where Twin Cities Geeks staff will be speaking—there are a lot!

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