Celebrate the Magical Healing Powers of Coffee on National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day! September 29th is one of my favorite days because I can celebrate my daily routine of drinking a cup of my black coffee. Coffee provides regularity to all of my mornings and gives me that extra boost of energy I feel I need to complete my daily workload. (Plus, can I just say how many awesome mugs there are out there? My favorite is my Van Gogh TARDIS mug—it’s so beautiful.)

A coffee mug featuring the fictional VIncent Van Gogh painting "The Pandorica Opens," depicting the TARDIS from Doctor Who

Look at this beautiful mug!

Since working as a barista, I’ve really come to appreciate how coffee tastes and how different roasts have a particular taste to them. Research has been conducted as to how coffee can impact our health and provide some additional benefits, and I wanted to briefly discuss those on the best day of the year.

1. Coffee Allows You to Burn More Fat

This is something I learned about in the classes for my nutrition minor at college. However, there’s a catch: you have to be an avid exerciser in order for this to work. I won’t go into it too much because it would require me to talk about cellular properties, but the more you exercise, the more likely that ingesting more coffee (or caffeine in general) will help burn fat.

Coffee mug featuring the words "Accio Coffee"

A handmade Harry Potter mug with an important message.

2. Coffee Helps You Poop

Have you ever had your morning brew and noticed that within 10 minutes you really have to poop? There is scientific evidence to explain why this happens. Coffee can stimulate the release of a substance called gastrin, which has been known to increase activity in the colon and large intestine. Therefore, sometimes within 10 minutes of drinking coffee, you feel the need to poop. Scientific research has concluded that it’s actually not caffeine but specific properties in coffee that allow for this to occur. This may not necessarily be a health benefit because this doesn’t happen to everyone.

A mug with the words BLUE HERON COFFEEHOUSE and WINONA, MN

Blue Heron Coffeehouse in Winona, Minnesota.

3. Coffee Contains Antioxidants Galore!

Antioxidants are nutrients that help prevent oxidation in the body. Oxidation is a horrible process that over time can lead to the development of heart disease or various cancers. Coffee specifically is loaded with antioxidants and in fact is one of the number-one sources of antioxidant consumption in the US.

4. Coffee Has Negligible Calories

Coffee is around 2 to 5 calories per cup of coffee, making it a drink that’s both enjoyable and low calorie. That’s only if you drink your coffee black, of course; pouring a steady stream of half-and-half and spoonfuls of sugar will up the calorie count immensely. When I first started drinking coffee, I had to have my half-and-half. Eventually I weaned myself off, but occasionally I will use vanilla soy milk, and that’s delicious.


Me & The Flash wandering Chicago with our iced coffee!

So make this day a great one by pouring an extra cup of coffee. Thankfully the Twin Cities have a variety of coffee shops, like Spyhouse and Steamship Coffee and Tea—the second of which, by the way, has a huge stack of board games. Peace Coffee, another local company, is even giving away a free house-made drink for National Coffee Day with the purchase of a bag of beans. Let the coffee flow through your veins and supply your body with the much-needed nutrients it needs!

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