To Live or Die? Census Contemplates the Answer

Last month, I joined the Minnesota Comic Creators Facebook group because I’m always looking for new comics to flip through. I’m not a comic book artist by any means, but I’m a loyal fan. Fans are crucial to the success of any artist or writer, and Twin Cities Geek is all for promoting the local geek scene by shining the spotlight on stories provided by creators located around the area and hopefully gaining them some new fans in the process.

Chance Wyatt is one such individual. I recently saw him at Hot Comics and Collectibles autographing his latest creation, and he approached me about his work because I frequently post on the above Facebook group for recommendations. After getting a variety of links from him, I plunged into his world. Census is the graphic novel I was introduced to, and this is a story that should be on everyone’s radar. It was completely funded by Kickstarter and is dependent on people supporting the comic. It’s a good sign when a project does get funded, because it means fans see something in it that they wanted to read about.


Census discusses the question of humanity’s future. In the hollowed-out moon, humans have conquered death. Science has moved forward way past what Earth was capable of: civilians can still die due to natural disasters, but not from ordinary diseases. This novel raises the question of whether, if we had the ability to live forever, we would take that chance. The obvious answer is yes, but Census goes far deeper than that. As someone who likes to think critically about the world that I’m apart of, I am definitely a fan of this graphic novel.

It is available on a variety of formats, including a voice comic, which is the way I was able to absorb it. Listening to the comic being told is ultimately very relaxing. I could slowly shut my eyes and imagine my life on this planet. I hadn’t heard about other comics with an audio component, which makes this project incredibly unique.

Black and white comic artwork

Census artwork. Chance Wyatt

Census is also visually fascinating, in part because of the absence of color. Color can say a lot about the vibe someone gets from a graphic novel, and this black-and-white theme communicates this society losing the choice to be able to go through life and die in the normal way. I also admire how intricate each line is within each panel. The lines and the shading used portray the detail of the characters’ hair, as in the above example, and also help exhibit emotions to the reader. Census has around 166 different illustrations and is around 72 pages long. So it’s perfect day read on that chilly Autumn day. You can find it locally at Hot Comics, the Source, Level Up Games, and High Class Comics as well as on Amazon.

Chance Wyatt is one busy guy. He has a variety of different finished projects, which you can find at, including a new one in the works titled Planetarium. There are no details out yet, but as a fan of astronomy, I’m intrigued. I encourage you to check out all of this artist’s projects—his work is unique, and you won’t read anything else like it!

You can also follow Chance Wyatt Picture Books on Facebook and on Twitter.

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