WTF Is SNOWTA?! A Mystery Website Teases Minnesotans

Text reading WTF IS SNOWTA in which the O is a snowflake

Is something special in the works for Minnesota this winter? At 1:00 p.m. on October 28, we just might find out.

One week before its scheduled launch date, a website entitled WTF IS SNOWTA?! popped up in many Facebook newsfeeds, and it’s garnered a lot of local attention. Posts from local rapper Prof, yearly event Zombie Pub Crawl, and Minneapolis clothing store Piff have been shared over 40 times and liked over 500. Despite the hype, not much information has been leaked about what it involves. Many commenters have put forth their own suggestions, including a winter-themed pub crawl, a New Year’s Eve party, or a possible collaboration with the lifestyle brand Snowta—although the latter seems least likely, as the company has not confirmed involvement and the websites seem unrelated.

The WTF IS SNOWTA website is minimal—we see the title at the top and a large countdown timer in the center. Underneath the timer we’re prompted to enter in a name and email address, presumably to be notified when the countdown is finished and the announcement goes live. There have been some discrepancies in the timer during the time the site has been live, and fans of Prof have commented that the countdown time changed from one day away to six days away and back to one—but it now seems set to expire at 1:00 on Friday.

The most likely scenario seems to be a large winter event—possibly backed by TC Presents, a local EDM production company, as the name of a former member of their staff is listed in the source code for the website. The domain is registered to Zack Chazin of Chazin Entertainment, a talent buyer and promoter who worked closely on the Zombie Pub Crawl, and he recently posted a public Facebook post regarding the wrap-up of ZPC and the introduction of something new:

The 12th year of ZPC is officially over with and in the books. Thanks to all 20k+ of you undead souls for coming out and making this what is has become.

But we aren’t done yet…

We are getting ready to announce something so insanely massive I am having a hard time putting my excitement into words.

All I can say is… Stay tuned. #WTFisSNOWTA

All this information leads many to believe we might have one of the biggest events in Minnesota history coming up soon—or at least a party on the scale that Prof and the Zombie Pub Crawl are known for. Amidst the confusion over what this website means, there’s no denying that Minnesotans are excited to see what we’re in for and party this winter the way only Minnesotans can.

The website can be found here, and you can sign up for the mailing list—but we’ll keep you informed with what we learn! Watch this space for more.


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