Our Super Mom Is a Comic the Whole Family Will Love

Super mom in grocery store with kids running amock with uperpowers. Super Mom is flying, pushing a shopping cart. Her Husband is in the background trying to keep up.

Our Super Mom #5 wraparound cover.

Our Super Mom, written by Scott Bachmann and  illustrated by Scott D. M. Simmons, is a tale of a super-powered mom (naturally). Liza Lang-Ramiro used to be the Paragon, part of a superhero team that protects the world from evil . . . or she was, until she met her husband Leon, got married, and had two wonderful little children. Liza decided to retire from the superhero business to focus on raising her kids and, after starting a family, she thought her life as a mother would be easier . . . but boy, was she wrong.

Liza flies her car out of traffic in Our Super Mom #1

Liza flies her car out of traffic in Our Super Mom #1

This comic is a delightful look into the “boring,” everyday life of a superhero, but as some of us know, raising two kids is never easy, even as a stay-at-home mom. The beginning scene of the first issue shows Liza stuck in traffic, trying to get her kids to school on time. The littlest one, Mark, has to go pee, so she does what any woman would do: gets out of her car, picks it up, and flies the kids home. While on the way there, she sees that the cause of the traffic jam is a very bad car wreck. After dropping the kids off, she flies back to the scene to help rescue the crashed driver. Even though she’s left her crime-fighting days behind, she still takes the time to help anyone in need.

The first graphic novel introduces us to to Liza’s life as the former Paragon, and in it, she’s visited by her former unit, the Defense Force, an all-woman superhero team. While discussing the old days, the team tries to get Paragon to rejoin, with her former teammate Cinaed (a.k.a. “Flare”) stating, “We’re outnumbered by boy capes, ten to one.” After the meeting, Liza’s children, Mark and Gail, start showing superpowers, while she finds that hers are starting to leave. She goes on a mission to find the former Paragon’s girlfriend, and discovers that her powers as Paragon are transferred when she is ready to move on. Liza decides to embrace her powers again to bring them into control and stop them from moving on to her children.

There’s much more that happens in the first graphic novel, of which this is just a taste. Readers will meet a new superhero, discover the type of kids that Liza and Leon have, and join Liza her on her nightly surveillance of her hometown, Columbus, Ohio.

The second graphic novel starts to take a closer look at Liza’s life and her new teammate, Desert Fox. It also has her watching the hero Night’s adopted son, Kion, who is a bully focused only on his training.

Our Super Mom is written by Scott Bachmann and illustrated by Scott D. M. Simmons.

The amount of diversity and strong women in these comics is delightful and the interactions between all the characters is quick, genuine, and charming. The subject matter is on the light side, but it represents a refreshing change to all the dark and gritty comics that one finds in the current marketplace. Our Super Mom is a true diamond of a comic that you can read with your children, and your kids will both cheer on Mark and Gail as they discover their superpowers and relate to them when they complain about too much homework.

One thing to note is that the covers are all in color, but the actual pages of the comic are black and white. That choice really lends to how great this comic is, as you can color the pages in your mind and visualize what you think each character would be wearing, and if they dress loudly or more muted.

If you are a comic fan looking for something new, pick this up! You will not be disappointed with the story.

You can purchase Our Super Mom at Barnes and Noble, Comixology, DriveThru Comics, and at IndyPlanet. Author Scott Bachmann also has several prose novels set in the same universe as the Our Super Mom comics, which are available at his Amazon author page. To read more about Our Super Mom, check out samples of the comic, and to learn about the writer and artist, please go to the official Our Super Mom website.


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