Snowta NYE Will Bring a Giant New Year’s Eve Party to the Twin Cities

In late October, a hashtag and a mysterious website spread across the Internet. Now, we have the definitive answer to the question #WTFisSNOWTA? On New Year’s Eve, a multistage music festival will bring EDM and rap together in an epic dance party in the Twin Cities. The event is booked for the Minneapolis Convention Center and in addition to music will feature a Ferris wheel, giant slide, skateboard contest, virtual-reality simulations, interactive art galleries, and more.snowta-revised

The announcement went live after a countdown had Minnesotans wondering what we had in store from the giants behind the Zombie Pub Crawl, Prof, and TC Presents. As usual, it looks like they won’t disappoint—and they’ve successfully provided us with the right mix of big-name acts and popular local artists. Snowta NYE will feature a countdown set from Big Gigantic, a DJ set from Infected Mushroom, and a closing set by Tipper as well as an amazing lineup of local talent like Prof, Bobby Raps, DJ Abilities, and more. Performing rapper Waka Flocka Flame has collaborated with Prof in the past, so we might even see a live rendition of their song “Apeshit.”

From what we can tell, this is looking like one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties Minneapolis has ever seen. You can find out more at, and general-admission and VIP tickets are on sale here. We’ll continue to update you with what we learn! Stay tuned.

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