Minnesota Conventions to Cosplay at in 2017

Cosplayers dressed as Deadpool and Wolverine

Cosplayers at CONvergence 2016. Photo by Madeleine Vasaly

Are you a MN cosplayer planning your cosplays for 2017? Twin Cities Geek is here to help with a comprehensive list of conventions—and a few other select events—in Minnesota you might be interested in visiting to cosplay at in 2017. Click on the convention’s name to visit its website, which will have the most up-to-date information on dates, registration prices, guest appearances, things to do while at the convention, and more.


Blizzard World Minneapolis ComiCon (February 25, 2017)
St. Paul, MN
Theme: Comics


MarsCon (March 3–5, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Sci fi, fantasy

FrankieCon (March 11, 2017)
New Hope, MN
Theme: Comics, collectibles, cosplay


ComicCard (date TBA)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Collectibles

Anime Detour (April 7–9, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Anime, manga, gaming

Minicon (April 14–16, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Sci fi, fantasy


Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis (May 5–7, 2017)
Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Comics, superheroes, TV/movie fandom

CONsole Room (May 12–14, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Doctor Who

MSP Spring ComiCon (formerly SpringCon) (May 20–21, 2017)
Roseville, MN
Theme: Comics

AniMinneapolis (May 26–28, 2017)
Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Anime, video games

MantiCon (May 26–28, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Military sci fi and fantasy


4th Street Fantasy (June 16–18, 2017)
St Louis Park, MN
Theme: Fantasy


CONvergence (July 6–9, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Sci fi, fantasy

Diversicon (July 21–23, 2017)
St. Paul, MN
Theme: Sci fi, diversity

Chapel Con (July 22–23, 2017)
Albert Lea, MN
Theme: Comics, Pop Culture


PokéCon (August 5–6, 2017)
Saint Louis Park, MN
Theme: Pokémon

2D Con (Digital Destruction) (August 11–13, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Gaming

Minnesota Fan Fest (August 19–20, 2017)
St. Paul, MN
Theme: Comics, Pop Culture

Supernatural Official Convention (August 25–27, 2017)
Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Supernatural

Furry Migration (August 25–27, 2017)
Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Furries


MetaCon (September 1–3, 2017)
Minneapolis, MN
Theme: Sci fi, anime

LionCon (September 2–3, 2017)
St. Cloud, MN
Theme: Cosplay, gaming, anime, pop culture

ComicCard (September 16, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Collectibles

Arcana (September 29–October 1, 2017)
St. Paul, MN
Theme: Horror, dark fantasy


MSP Fall ComiCon (formerly FallCon) (October 7, 2017)
Roseville, MN
Theme: Comics

Anime Fusion (October 20–22, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Anime


Crypticon (November 3–5, 2017)
Bloomington, MN
Theme: Horror, sci fi

Gamer’s Rhapsody (dates TBA)
Location TBA
Theme: Video game music

Other Events

Conventions aren’t the only places to cosplay! There are a number of other costume-friendly events in Minnesota, including:

So, is your cosplay calendar full now? Do you have enough time to get your sewing done, wigs styled, and props built? Of course you do—the year has just begun! And if all of this still isn’t enough for you, trust us when we say there are plenty of other conventions in neighboring states and all over the world. So we’re sure that you’ll find enough for your liking.

We hope to see you at one of these cons in 2017! And of course, if we missed any, please let us know in the comments so we can add them to our list, then head over to add them to our free community calendar.


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