Lucia Hawley Helps Minnesotans Balance Their Well-Being through Food

“How can we get you feeling awesome?”

That seems to be the catchphrase for Twin Cities nutritional therapist Lucia Hawley, who runs her practice out of Solcana Fitness and Wellness in Minneapolis. It also describes the driving purpose behind that practice—ever since Lucia was little, she has been finding ways to use food as a healing tool. This came out of having numerous physical and emotional issues dismissed with a diagnosis of “Oh, you’re fine,” or “You’ll grow out of it.” Obviously not the words you want to hear when you are on your third, fourth, or fifth medical professional looking for help.

Lucia Hawley

Lucia persevered and, after finding that changing her diet had a positive impact on her well-being, ended up doing her own research into how food affects our bodies and minds. “At that point I began to realize that ‘You are what you eat’ was actually true,” she recalled. She continued to experiment throughout the remainder of her pre-college years and actually managed to find simple solutions to her ailments by herself. All of this would lead to her starting a “real food” recipe website called the Essential Omnivore, where she documents recipes that support her health.

As Lucia started college at the University of Minnesota, her intent was to go into social work and tie nutritional support into that career path. During her studies, she was working out at a local Crossfit gym, with many of her classes taught by a coach named Hannah Wydeven. When Hannah left to start her own gym, Solcana Fitness, in 2014, Lucia followed her friend and trainer by working out there. Shortly after the transition, Hannah, who knew Lucia’s skills with nutrition, proposed a trade: one nutrition blog post a week in exchange for a gym membership. By this time, Lucia had been running the Essential Omivore for a few years. Over time, Lucia and Hannah came up with more ideas, and ultimately Hannah extended an invitation for Lucia to be the resident nutrition expert at Solcana. With that, Lucia expanded beyond just writing and sharing recipes.

When asked what her key to success is, Lucia responded with one word: authenticity. In this day and age, few people want to be “sold” on anything. Her entire practice is built around her experiences and sharing those with others, and the system she uses to help her clients is one she uses herself. All she wants to do is give people the right tools and knowledge, then give them a nudge in the right direction. Her clients report that this health empowerment trickles over into all aspects of their lives, supporting more energy, emotional freedom, and happiness.

Lucia’s nutrition practice is just one of the services offered at Solcana Fitness and Wellness. She is available for one-on-one consults both in person and online in addition to a variety of group classes, workshops and more. Her services are definitely worth checking out if you are in need of a smart, genuine health expert!

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