Prep for Your Convention Weekend with Help from Twin Cities Geek

CONvergence is only four weeks away, and there are plenty more conventions after that. Are you ready? Help get there with some of our tips on planning, navigating the con, and staying healthy and relaxed while you geek it up!

Convention newcomers can start with The Geek Convention Survival Guide (and hey, some of us old-timers could use a refresher, too).

If you’re cosplaying, make sure you’re ready for every situation with The Geek’s Guide to Creating the Ultimate Cosplayer’s Emergency Repair Kit. And if you’re stumped for costume ideas—or strapped for time or cash—think about employing The Art of Last-Minute Cosplay.

Thinking about how to eat, drink, and be merry? We have some great Make-Ahead Food for Conventions as well as The Dos and Don’ts of Drinks to bring to Cons.

Maybe you’re wondering if your little geekling should join you at the con. We help you answer the question Should I Bring My Child to a Convention? And if the answer is yes, follow it up with A Guide to Taking Your Little Geek to a Convention!

From con crud to mental burnout, conventions can be tough both physically and mentally. This Convention Season, Don’t Just Survive, Thrive! by planning your food, water, and rest to stay at your best. Bend, So CON Doesn’t Break You—some simple stretches can make a world of difference in your weekend of standing, walking, crouching, posing, and dancing. And listen to your body and mind with Care of Magical Creatures (Yes, That’s You!)

Finally, if you’re just looking to get hyped about CONvergence or remember years past, check out some Essential Convention Reading: Geek Culture by Kate Nordlander.

See you at the con!

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