The Bad Man and SofCapone Are Two New Twin Cities Bands Perfect for Your Summer Soundtrack

The Twin Cities are a hotbed for music of all genres and styles, blending together in a beautiful cornucopia. There is so much that the lists of performers can be quite daunting, but I want to call out two in particular that are worth following.

The Bad Man album cover

The Bad Man

The Bad Man is a tour of rock genres from the basics of Mississippi rock and roll to the Ramones and the Stones, with heavy guitar and shrieking vocals that are as much at home in a bar or concert hall as they are at a house show. The dynamic interplay of guitar, drums, bass, and saxophone provides a surprisingly funky sound to the punk aesthetic that allows them to both transcend and deepen what punk and rock are in this decade, pushing further ahead while still paying great homage to the works of those before them.

When asked about influences for their lyrics and surreal images, frontman and guitarist Peter Memorich cited The Twilight Zone—“We love to sit around and watch the classics!”—as well as Billy Idol, Tom Waits, and Morphine, all legends in their own right. Having formed only nine months ago, they have released their first CD, Ain’t Clean, and are touring the Twin Cities one bar at a time. They will be playing at the Eagles Club in the Seward neighborhood on June 8 and at Bunkers Music Bar and Grill in downtown Minneapolis on June 15. You can find the band on Bandcamp or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Hot & Humid album cover


Band number two, SofCapone, is a two-man group consisting of Chaypo (Chase Donald Pope) and Este (Esteban Cuadros). The Minnetonka-based duo just released their first album, Hot and Humid, an eclectic mix of R&B, rock, and jazz that brings about the sonic qualities and harmonies reminiscent of bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311. The band came together in 2014 and since has been hard at work. Having just thrown a bash for their album’s release, they are slumbering before their next outing.

“We’re all about the party, and we want people to feel that when they listen,” says Este, Chaypo adding that this music is a release for him. These two have formed a band that is both sexy and funny, providing a great listen and an amazing live performance. You can learn more at or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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