The Minnesota-Based Film Geek Central Podcast Is Full of Movie-Loving Passion

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The Film Geek Central podcast approaches reviews in a unique way. Created here in Minneapolis, Film Geek Central is currently on episode 14 of reviewing every available film of 1973. Host Austin Kennedy is joined by a different guest each week, and together they talk about five or six movies that were released in 1973. Not only is this podcast enjoyable, but it discusses different aspects that are the foundation for movies.

According to the Film Geek Central website, Kennedy searched newspaper sources in various cities in order to get the most accurate information on releases. This is one of the best aspects of the podcast—this level of dedication brings out small details that most movie reviewers overlook. Kennedy discusses both how he personally feels about each film as well as the cinematography, the director, even the run time and the movie rating. For movie lovers, this level of detail is appealing.

Outside of the content of the podcast itself, Film Geek Central has great music for the beginning of the podcast and the end. It sets the mood of what the listener is about to experience. The quality of the audio is very crisp and clear, something you don’t always get in a podcast.

There are very few flaws to complain about. One is that while the main audio quality is great, the guest audio quality can be hit or miss. This is due to the guest being in a different location than the host, and sometimes it can be hard to hear them. The rating system that Kennedy applies to the movies is also somewhat loose, being on a scale of 0 to 4. This rating scale is odd, and having a larger scale would fit better especially when discussing movies that are vastly different from one another. Adding definitive recommendations would be helpful as well—when Kennedy is giving his opinion, sometimes it isn’t clear whether the movie is worth a watch or not. Having a recommendation to not watch, rent, or buy would be a helpful conclusion to each movie.

That said, Film Geek Central is a very enjoyable and thorough podcast. For the hardcore movie lover, the attention to the technical details is refreshing. Kennedy has extensive knowledge of and enthusiasm for the cinema world, and that clearly shows in every episode. The differing opinions between the host and his guest give great perspective on who would enjoy the movie. Despite the small flaws with the show’s structure, this podcast is definitely worth your time.

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