Minneapolis’s Geeks without God Podcast Is Unapologetically Fun

It is uncommon for a podcast to discuss more than one main subject. It is even more uncommon for one to do it successfully.

One of the few that do is Geeks without God, a Minneapolis-based podcast that consists of uncensored, intelligent discussion of all things geeky and political. Hosts Molly, Nick, and Tim have great chemistry and are knowledgeable about their subjects. The episodes aren’t regurgitations of information or political rants; they show obvious passion for their interests and beliefs.

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Geeks without God

Geek culture and political views aren’t usually both discussed in the same episode—they dedicate an entire podcast to each subject. This is one of the strengths of the podcast, as they are able to go more in depth with each topic. The hosts being experts of several aspects of the geek culture makes the discussions enjoyable, but the real treat is during their political episodes. Their opinions are frank and unapologetic. They don’t strive for political correctness when comedy gives a brief intermission between serious subjects.

As you’d guess from the name of the podcast, the hosts hold a secular view. They are also, self-described liberals. They do have a bias during discussions, but they are self aware, and they play devil’s advocate to show they have a perspective. Personally, I find their educated, comedic discussions hilarious.

This podcast is a must for people who identify with the alternative crowd. It is full of comedy and well-informed perspectives, and even if you’re not interested in politics, you might enjoy their episodes on geek culture. You can check out  Geeks without God at www.geekswithoutgod.com.

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