MPR’s Cube Critics is a Great Quick Listen for Movie-Goers

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Cube Critics is a new movie podcast from Minnesota Public Radio. MPR News

With most podcasts lasting over 30 minutes, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a short one. Cube Critics is part of MPR’s (Minnesota Public Radio’s) podcast family. Both hosts, Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr, lend their knowledgeable selves to the cinema culture.

Cube Critics has two interwoven parts: short reviews of current movies (lasting 5 minutes) and spotlights on past movies they recommend (lasting roughly 15 minutes). The length of the podcast is a curse and a gift. It works well for concise, scripted movie reviews. However, their recommendation segments would benefit from longer episodes.

Cube Critics give the perfect reviews on current movies. Unlike a lot of cinema podcasts, spoilers aren’t discussed. The hosts give a very brief synopsis, then go directly into their thoughts about the movies.

There isn’t room for rambling thoughts due to a well-scripted show and its length. It’s perfect for a quick listen or an indecisive movie-goer.

The spotlight segment is weaker than the former. Both hosts choose movies from a specific year or reflect on past movies with an upcoming sequel. These episodes are structured in a way that hurts open discussion. Both hosts are very likable and are knowledgeable, but we only get a taste of that. Diving deeper into these episodes could really flesh out the hosts’ thoughts.

Cube Critics is a great podcast for a quick listen to help you decide what movies are worth seeing. The hosts are very knowledgeable and have a well-structured show. If they use these talents to go into more detail for their movie recommendations, it would be an even more enjoyable podcast.

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