Lore Podcast Live is a Polished Show for Enthusiasts of the Supernatural

The Woman’s Club Assembly was the perfect venue for the Lore podcast’s live show. The building itself has as much character as the stories that were told that night. The stage had a simple setup: a piano, a small table, and a nice, cozy chair. The audience was diverse. There were families, couples, and people of all ages. They all seemed very excited to experience this show.

The audience at the Minneapolis Women's Club waits for the live production of the Lore podcast to start.

The audience at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis waits for the live production of the Lore podcast to start. Photo courtesy of author

One person came out on stage quietly. With book in hand, he was immediately in character.

Aaron Mahnke is the writer, producer, and host of the Lore podcast. While he was giving his introduction, his personality exemplified charisma and passion. Even though they are doing live shows all over the United States, there wasn’t a moment of fatigue.

The show consisted of several stories that were based on supposedly true events. Mahnke writes all the stories for the show, and he knows them like the back of his hand. The stories have a running theme: the supernatural. They weren’t corny ghost stories, but simply events that couldn’t be explained with pure logic. In between stories, he would explain his love for this kind of subject matter and why he choose some of the stories. It was a nice transition from story to story.

During the show, someone played a piano softly as Mahnke read the stories. The show was obviously well rehearsed, as the music synced up nicely to the story’s flow. Whenever there was a pivotal moment, the music fit perfectly for that moment.

Mahnke was animated throughout the show—almost too “on the nose” in some instances. Whenever his story mentioned a character sitting, he would sit on the chair provided on stage. Whenever knocking was mentioned, he dramatically hit his hand on the book he was reading from.

After the show, Mahnke touched on some housekeeping. He revealed that the podcast had hit its “80 millionth download” milestone. Then he discussed the upcoming TV show and book based on the podcast. This was surprising information, considering the formula of the show is so simple and familiar. To speak frankly, this type of subject matter has been done to death. The show didn’t present these stories in any new way. It may have risen to popularity because it beat everyone else to the punch. However, the popularity of the show could be due to Mahnke himself. He has put obvious love and passion into this podcast, and it is very polished. The show, live and pre-recorded, has a strict structure, and creates an atmosphere for the listener. During the show, you could feel the audience being submerged and entranced by Mahnke’s voice.

If you are a huge fan of this subject matter, then this is the show for you. This is definitely a niche show, and seems to be targeted towards an older generation. This isn’t necessarily a podcast that will entice the general public. Despite that, the show itself was professional and enjoyable.

To find out more about Lore, check them out at lorepodcast.com.

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