The Your Parents Basement Podcast Is Filled with Comedic ’90s Nostalgia

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Your Parents Basement reviews older video games, mainly from the 1990s. Introducing the podcast by reading from game manuals with comedic flair, the three hosts (Steve, Todd, and Huell) play off one another through the entire podcast, giving the audience satire through out. They focus mainly on games that they have nostalgia for. Whether the game is good or bad, they reminisce about their experiences. One of the best segments from the podcast is the reading of the game manuals. Game manuals are a lost art in the video game industry; it’s a pleasant surprise when people revisit them. The hosts read quotes from the manuals with obvious satire that will make you chuckle.

Comedy is more of the focus than the game itself. The hosts do their research over every game and are very knowledgeable. However, making fun of the game, for example by having a fake interview with Tom Cruise, is the tone of the podcast. This isn’t a bad thing. You will want to listen to the podcast for its entertainment factor over gaining technical knowledge.

The podcast can be cheesy at times. The previously mentioned “interview” with Tom Cruise consists of one host reacting to sound-bites from real Tom Cruise interviews. It can be silly like this at times. There are some politically incorrect jokes that may not be for sensitive ears. Even though it’s obviously satirical, it may put a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

Your Parents Basement is a fun podcast. It is filled with nostalgia, and a ’90s kid would enjoy the comedy along with the critique of the games. The comedy can be a bit awkward or cheesy, but I can appreciate it nonetheless. You can check out Your Parents Basement podcast at

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