Here’s the Buzz on Bizzy Coffee Shots

Being an occasional barista at Steamship Coffee & Tea has taught me how important it is to support local businesses. In addition to purchasing pounds of coffee at Steamship, I was able to try out coffee espresso shots from Bizzy Coffee—a company devoted to sustainability and improving the environment. The production of the cold-brew coffee shots are done in Minneapolis, so buying espresso shots from Bizzy does help to support the Minneapolis coffee scene. Bizzy Coffee sent a couple free samples of their various cold-brew double shots (that in no way swayed my review. . .), which I really enjoyed and would probably purchase from them again in the future.

A small bottle of coffee titled Bizzy Coffee Shot

A single vanilla Bizzy Coffee Shot. Photos taken by author

Before I talk about the espresso shots themselves, I wanted to provide a preview of the company that makes them. Bizzy Coffee was founded by Alex and Andrew—two best friends who were training for a 24-hour obstacle race while also running their own fitness company. They created a product that was healthy, energizing, and easy to grab on the go. As I’d mentioned before, Bizzy Coffee is trying to be better on the environment by composting their coffee grounds, having organic products, and buying ethically sourced beans. As an added bonus, their products are made in a solar-powered facility.

Since Bizzy Coffee uses cold-brewed coffee, their product is going to be less acidic than black coffee. I know that for some of my friends, the main reason they don’t drink coffee is due to how its acidity really upsets their stomach, and I would recommend they try these cold-brew coffee shots because of their flavor, and they’re kinder to their digestive systems. As far as their caffeine content—these shots are strong. With a quick Google search, an eight ounce cup of coffee has approximately 95 milligrams of caffeine, while each of these shots contains around 130 to 150 milligrams in a smaller quantity. So use one of these shots to get going in the morning or to stay up late working on a project. Either way, these coffee shots are the healthier, less-acidic source of caffeine.

A piece of paper in box detailing how to win a free case of Bizzy Coffee shots

In the box I was sent, I received three flavors: black coffee, vanilla, and caramel. One word of warning on the coffee flavor—these shots are strong. I had my boyfriend try the black coffee one and his face squinted a bit due to the taste, though he’s used to dark-chocolate mochas and likes his coffee on the sweet side. I personally liked the black coffee one and I mixed that with my regular coffee and vanilla-soy milk. I typically never had the shots on their own; I like them mixed with coffee and milk. The vanilla one is my favorite because it has that hint of vanilla flavoring without being super sweet. The caramel was similar to the vanilla one because it wasn’t really sweet, but you could still get that hint of caramel flavoring.

Honestly, I would recommend these cold-brew shots due to their caffeine level, taste, and quality. I wish I had known about these in college; they would have been perfect for staying up late to finish that paper or cramming for the next exam. Bizzy Coffee can be bought on Amazon in a three, six, 12, or 36 pack with one flavor or a variety of flavors in one box, and I already have a vanilla-flavored box sitting in my Amazon wishlist waiting to be sent to my house.

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