Machines Will Inherit the Earth in Planetarium

Occasionally, I browse through Kickstarter looking for new projects to contribute to, because I am more than willing to back any project I think I would thoroughly enjoy.

Kicking off 2018, writer and illustrator Chance Wyatt Oberlander, who publishes as Chance Wyatt, reached out to me with details on the new Kickstarter campaign for his illustrated book Planetarium. I have been a fan of this author’s work for a while now due to his book Census, which I reviewed in 2016. His writing leaves me critically thinking about the world we live in; his work is unique and his passion for his stories is constant. Additionally, Wyatt says that science is what inspires some of the stories and themes in his books, and as a former biology major, this makes me happy. Planetarium is the first book I backed in 2018, and I encourage all readers to do the same.


Chance Wyatt Oberlander

In its finished form, Planetarium will actually consist of three 40-page volumes, Dawn, Noon, and Dusk. Three separate Kickstarter campaigns are planned, and this current one is for the first volume.Unlike Census, which was all black and white, Planetarium is printed in full color. It is also set farther into the future, in a time when humanity is obsolete and machines are responsible for the planet. Planetarium tells the story of two different machines: one that becomes obsessed with preserving human history and another that wants to erase what’s left of humanity’s existence.

[shows a close up monkey with yellow hair]

With humanity over, animals inherit the earth. Chance Wyatt Oberlander

As with every Kickstarter campaign, there are a variety of rewards to choose from. Contributing $1 gets you a phone wallpaper, while $20 nets you the wallpaper plus a signed physical copy and PDF edition of Planetarium, refrigerator magnet, vinyl laptop sticker, and 8.5-by-11 print. (I am pledging at this level because I prefer to read my books in physical copy versus digital.) There is also a purely digital reward level, which includes digital copies of not just Planetarium but also Census and another of his books, Moving Bodies. Finally, if you’re like me and want physical copies of all of these books, the last reward level is just that.

This campaign recently hit its full goal amount, but it runs through the end of the month, and the more funding the better. Wyatt’s ultimate goal is to get his stories out in the open for others to enjoy even if that means that everything earned from the Kickstarter goes solely to printing.

A large tower with smaller skyscrapers

One such city of Earth without humanity. Chance Wyatt Oberlander

You can find Chance Wyatt Oberlander at multiple local conventions in the Twin Cities and around the Midwest, including tabling among other creators with the Comic Readers Exchange and Enrichment Party (CREEP). His next appearances are at Planet Comic Con in Kansas City February 16–18, MCBA ComiCon May 19th & 20th and AniMinneapolis May 25–27. Be on the lookout for the Kickstarter campaigns for the other two volumes of this series, Planetarium: Noon and Planetarium: Dusk. You can also follow Chance Wyatt Picture Books on Facebook and on Twitter.


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