Minnesota Gaming Conventions to Check Out in 2018

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Minnesota, and particularly the Twin Cities area, is a great place for gamers. Maybe it’s all the time we spend indoors due to the weather, or maybe it’s just a natural evolution of the fan culture that has thrived here for over 50 years, but it’s difficult to do a perception check above zero without detecting another gamer. There are so many gaming events here all year round that it can be difficult to keep track of them all! Fortunately for you, Twin Cities Geek is here to help you throw dice and level up with your 2018 list of gaming conventions and events in Minnesota.

cross section of people playing tabletop and video games at a convention

2D Con 2016. Rivet City Limited

Some of these events are dedicated gaming conventions, while others enjoy a broader focus but have enough gaming going on that we thought they were worth telling you about. As always, check out the event’s website for more specific information about what they are offering this year as well as the most accurate dates, locations, and prices.


Protospiel MN (January 19–21, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Prototype tabletop and board games

Con of the North (February 16–18, 2018)
Plymouth, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, LARP, CCG, miniatures


MarsCon (March 2–4, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games

VGM CON (March 2–4, 2018)
Minnetonka, MN
Games: Video games, board games

Minefaire (March 17–18, 2018)
St. Paul, MN
Games: Minecraft

Anime Detour (April 6-8, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, video games

Minicon 52 (March 30–April 1, 2018)
Saint Louis Park, MN (new location in 2018)
Games: Tabletop, board games, puzzles

MantiCon (May 25–27, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, Artemis bridge simulator, Fallout Shelter Arcade

AniMinneapolis (May 25–27, 2018)
Minneapolis, MN
Games: video games, tabletop, board games


CONvergence (July 5-8, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, CCG, LAN, miniatures, Artemis bridge simulator

MTG Grand Prix Minneapolis (July 27–29, 2018)
Minneapolis, MN
Games: Magic: The Gathering

PokéCon (August 2018)
St Louis Park, MN
Games: Pokémon video games and CCG

2D Con (August 3–5, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, CCG, video games, LAN


Meta Con (August 31–September 2, 2018)
Minneapolis, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, CCG, video games

LionCon (September 22–23, 2018)
St. Cloud, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, CCG, video games

ConFABulous (October 19–21, 2018)
Bloomington, MN
Games: Tabletop, board games, video games (LGBTQA+ focus)

GLITCHCON (Autumn 2018)
Minneapolis, MN
Games: Video games, prototype video games

Other Events

Obviously, conventions aren’t your only option for gaming in social settings, and Minnesota comes through for gamers in this respect too. Here are a few organizations and their regular gaming events in MN to consider checking out:

Of course, virtually every gaming store in MN also hosts more regular gaming events than we could possibly list, so it’s a good idea to check the calendar where you buy your dice for more great gaming opportunities. And don’t forget to add annual events to your calendar that many local gaming groups and game stores participate in:

Did we miss a gaming group, convention, or event that you think more Minnesota gamers should know about? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to take a moment and add your gaming events to the free Twin Cities Geek Community Calendar!


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