Season 2 of Jessica Jones Went the Logical Route

Warning: Spoilers follow!

After what felt like an eternity, and a rather mediocre side trip with The Defenders, season 2 of Jessica Jones finally premiered on March 8, 2018. In all honesty, I had a crush on Jessica (Krysten Ritter). It had to be her smart-ass attitude, or her strength (physical and emotional), or maybe I just like a girl that enjoys whiskey. Anyway, I was obsessed with season 1; I felt that it was the pinnacle of Marvel doing well on television. They were masterfully able to create a show with a strong female lead that had it all: comedy, sex appeal, superheroes, and darkness.

Most Marvel movies and series have this larger-than-life villain with powers beyond comprehension, and the whole journey is how to overpower or outsmart said villain. Though Jessica Jones has that aspect, it involves so much more emotionally. There was shame, there was regret, there were things all too real that made it personal. Jessica wasn’t bitten by a radioactive insect (I know, it was an arachnid) to find her life better from that day forward. Jessica lived in a world where she was alone after the death of her family and was held captive and raped by Kilgrave (David Tennant), who I believe happens to be the most well-crafted villain in the Marvel movie and television universe.

Jessica sits alone at a bar

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and her second best friend. David Giesbrecht/Netflix

With all that said, where does season 2 go? Who is the villain after such a strong first one? What does Jessica brood about? After she’s defeated the evil incarnate that was Kilgrave, what could possibly match up? I have to say, the writers did the absolute best thing you possibly could do.

The answer? Family.

Nothing gets under a person’s skin quite like a family member, especially a mother. The writers aptly created this situation where Jessica’s mom (Janet McTeer) was alive, superpowered, and a vengeful ticking time bomb. The brilliance in how the season was crafted was that Jessica’s own memories came into question. Was her upbringing as she remembers or does she remember it through the eyes that lost everything, so the memories only seem perfect? It felt as if half the battle was deciphering the truth versus Jessica looking at memories of her family through rose-colored glasses.

Speaking of family, I would be remiss if I did not speak on Trish (Rachael Taylor). Considering how the season ended, where do these (possibly former) best friends go from here? With Trish now showing signs of her Hellcat alter ego, do we see sister versus sister in the next season? Will Jessica continue her current animosity or will she forgive and welcome Trish into the fold and perhaps create a tag team? Despite great intentions, there is no doubt that Trish crossed a line, and I couldn’t see any best friend, real or fictional, forgive such a massive betrayal. Nothing short of an apocalypse could bring these two back together. Considering that this is Marvel, that may just be the answer. I’m not the most educated in the comic book telling of Jessica Jones, so I can’t exactly predict the story line. I do have some ideas, though. I’d like to see Jessica get low. Arguably, she was at her lowest in season 1, but with the loss of her mother (again), and now Trish, I see no reason why she won’t reach rock bottom. I’d like to see Luke Cage (Mike Colter) return and bring her back to her strong self, but he has his own show, so that may not be in the cards. My biggest hope is we don’t wait three more years for the next season.

Jessica and Trish outside a pawn shop

Jessica and Trish. David Giesbrecht/Netflix


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