The Laser Time Podcast Is a Weekly Nostalgia Trip for ’80s and ’90s Kids

Nostalgia is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. The adults who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s pine for the simpler days—some of my favorite memories are from when I was a kid in the ’90s. We had corded telephones, Windows 95, and the best cartoons. And Laser Time will tell you all about it.

This podcast that picks a different pop-culture topic each week and tells you all about it. A lot of work goes into the show, and honestly, it is one of my favorites.

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Laser Time

The show shares a home with several other podcasts on the Laser Time website. The hosts do change frequently, but there are three who are most consistent: Chris Antista, Brett Elston, and Dave Rudden. (They do have female hosts that will join every so often as well. Diana is the absolute best; it’s nice to hear a confident fellow woman giving her opinion and talking about classic movies.) These hosts have some of the best commentary I have ever heard, and they make even subjects that I’m not necessarily interested in so entertaining—I listened to a whole episode about wrestling, and I don’t even like wrestling. They don’t just discuss the topic but also play a lot of sound clips. This really helps with the context, especially for people who have no clue about the topic.

The best part about Laser Time is the niche topics that they cover. For example, one of the first episodes I listened to was about the history of “Disney Afternoon,” a block of some of the most beloved Disney cartoons. The hosts went into depth about how it was created, discussed the shows involved, and even had the creator of Darkwing Duck, Tad Stones, on the podcast. This was pure ear candy to me. The hosts take forgotten relics of the past and puts them under a magnifying glass. They are so engaged in each topic that they discussed, and it’s never boring for a second.

In fact, it’s hard to say anything bad about Laser Time. It has over 200 episodes and has been going strong for several years. The creators have worked the kinks, and most shows run really smoothly. This podcast may not be up your alley if you don’t like politics mixed in your entertainment. This is purely a personal preference, and I don’t mind it all considering my views line up with theirs. However, if you are Trump fan, you may not like it in some instances. (Even if you are sensitive to this kind of entertainment, give it a shot. They don’t go on rants, but a comment will be dropped every so often.)

All in all, Laser Time is an absolute gem. I listen to three episodes every week, and I anxiously wait for them all the time. Even if you don’t like this specific show, you can check out their other shows, which cover a variety of interesting topics, most of them especially for Gen Xers and millennials. Trust me when I say you will never be bored again.

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