#1 Comic Issues I’m Picking Up the Week of July 4, 2018

Below are the new series and miniseries I’m looking forward to seeing at my local comic store the week of July 4, 2018. Check your store for holiday hours!

Covers of all the comics featured in this column

Sword Daughter

Publisher: Dark Horse
Words/ Story: Brian Wood
Art/ Colors: Mack Chater

“Revenge is violent and heartbreaking, but for Dag and his semi-feral daughter, the clash of swords is a chance to heal old wounds. First stop is the Shetlands and a serial killer who must be put down.”

Category: Tried-and-True Creator

Why I’m Excited: I discovered Brian Wood though his Rebels series, and I loved both A Well-Regulated Militia and These Free and Independent States. In the first volume of that series, the inclusion of a story about the women who followed Washington’s army and both supported and lived off the soldiers was both a refreshing take and a gritty depiction of some well-researched history. In Sword Daughter, Wood returns to Norse culture (six years after the completion of Northlanders), and I would expect nothing less than the story being accompanied by an article on the boat building of actual vikings.

Sword Daughter Dark Horse Brian Wood Mack Chater

Dark Horse Comics

Jim Henson’s Beneath the Dark Crystal

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Words/Story: Adam Smith
Art/Colors: Alexandria Huntington

“The realm of Mithra is being rebuilt by the newly-crowned Ember Queen Thurma. But while she seeks to save all people, a long-forgotten tribe of Firelings disputes the legitimacy of her reign . . . and they have proof that another Fireling is the true heir to the throne.”

Category: Returning to a Beloved World

Why I’m Excited: With both a live-action prequel series in the works (featuring contributions by Minnesota writer J. M. Lee) and the continued success of the BOOM!/Archaia series set in the world of the Gelflings, more storytellers inspired by Henson’s The Dark Crystal are very welcome. I’m not familiar with Smith’s non-Henson work (A Long Walk to Valhalla), but the reviews of his original graphic novel on Amazon and Goodreads are positive.

Jim Henson's Beneath Dark Crystal Category: Returning to a Beloved World BOOM! Studios Adam Smith Alexandria Huntington

BOOM! Studios


Publisher: Vault
Words/Story: Vita Ayala
Art/Colors: Lisa Sterle

“On the night of the biggest storm in New York City history, Elysia Puente gets a call from her estranged little brother Angel, terrified, begging for help. When the call cuts out suddenly, despite the bad feelings between them, Ellie rushes into the night. Finding his broken phone in front of a barricaded subway station, Ellie follows echoes of her brother into the sinister darkness of the underground, desperate to find him before it’s too late.”

Category: Emerging Talent

Why I’m Excited: After a few short pieces in anthologies, the next step in the career of a budding writer like Vita Ayala is a limited series for an up-and-coming publisher like Vault (see: Wasted Space and the under-read Henchgirl). The premise of Submerged reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere with a larger horror component, and I’m excited to read this new voice.

Submerged VAULT Comics Vita Ayala Lisa Sterle



Publisher: DC
Words/Story: Joëlle Jones
Art/Colors: Joëlle Jones

The wedding night’s barely over, but Catwoman’s back on the streets, this time to expose a copycat pulling heists around Gotham. Selina cracks the whip on her former criminal cohorts, but she’s attracting unwanted attention from one of Gotham’s most dangerous groups. The GCPD. As if the Bat-Bride didn’t have enough problems, don’t miss the debut of an all-new villain determined to make trouble for all nine of Selina’s lives.”

Category: Like They Need Any Promotional Help

Why I’m Excited: Was it just three years ago that Lady Killer put Joëlle Jones on the map? So many people said at the time that she would be a great artist to tackle Catwoman, but I for one didn’t guess it would be so soon. I loved the Bat arc (Batman 33–39) and Supergirl: Being Super (written by Mariko Tamaki), so this is going to be a must for Batfans and morally ambiguous female bad-asses. Somehow this cover is already iconic.

Catwoman DC Comics Joëlle Jones

DC Comics

Cosmic Ghost Rider (#1 of 5)

Publisher: Marvel
Words/Story: Donny Cates
Art/Colors: Dylan Burnett

“Frank Castle was the Punisher. A deal with the devil made him Ghost Rider. A deal with Galactus made him cosmic. A deal with Thanos made him . . . DEAD?!? Not to worry, he’s coming back, and he’s got a plan to make the universe a better place that’s going to lead him into an even CRAZIER adventure than he’s ever been in!”

Category: Like They Need Any Promotional Help

Why I’m Excited: Will this work? Donny Cates is an acquired taste . . . except God Country. That’s a must-read. I’ll give it at least a few issues—if it treats Frank like the TV series did (as a mirror for other characters to reflect off), then it might work, and I’m hoping it does.

Cosmic Ghost Rider (of 5) Marvel Donny Cates Dylan Burnett

Marvel Comics

So what will you be checking out this week?


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