#1 Comic Issues I’m Picking Up the Week of August 8, 2018

Below are the new series and miniseries I’m looking forward to seeing at my local comic store the week of August 8, 2018.

Covers for the week of August 8

Black Badge

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Words/Story: Matt Kindt
Art/Colors: Tyler Jenkins, Hilary Jenkins

“Among their organization, the Black Badges are the elite; the best of the best. They are feared even by the other badges. The missions they take are dangerous, and they will only get worse as their leader’s attention is split between their mission objectives and tracking down a lost team member. A team member who disappeared years ago, presumed dead.”

Category: Tried and True Creators

Why I’m Excited: Did Baron Baden-Powell imagine this as the culmination of Scouting? Likely not, but as a Second Class Scout in my youth (I dropped out after 9th grade), I certainly did. Could this be the black-ops-meets-coming-of-age tale we’ve been waiting for? Bust out those old merit badges and dust off your imaginings of what you’d use all those first-aid, archery, and survivalist skills for. But also revive your memories of being stuck at camp with some of the kids from your neighborhood with whom the only thing you had in common was that your dads thought you needed something to occupy your time.

Black Badge cover

BOOM! Studios


Publisher: Golden Apple Books
Words/Story: Richard Fairgray, Paul Eiding
Art/Colors: Richard Fairgray

“Blastosaurus, a 6-foot-tall, mutant triceratops, aided by Tabitha Jones and Richard Green (the twelve-year-old sidekicks he never asked for) battles monsters, robots, sentient meatballs and whatever other weirdness Freak Out City can throw at him. This action/fantasy all-ages book is big, stupid fun, grounded by a real emotional core and the most human dinosaur you’ll ever meet!”

Category: Emerging Talent (in this country, anyway)

Why I’m Excited: I’ve seen issue #0. I laughed, I chuckled, I was reminded how much I love absurdist humor. That issue featured a pair of talking tentacled monsters (a Pinky and the Brain version of Cthulhu, maybe), a surf-movie-loving ghost, and the perils of cleaning an apartment after a tenant moves out. If you’re jonesing for something to fill that Teen Dog hole on your reading list, I think this may be for you. (Bonus: Thanks to honeymoon planning, I’m currently obsessed with New Zealand, where Blastosaurus comes from.)

Blastosaurus cover

Golden Apple Books


Publisher: Starburns Industries Press
Words/Story: David A. Clarke, Walter A. Bryant III
Art/Colors: Acacia A. Rodarte

“When the Princess of Zamanga is struck ill and the whole kingdom literally starts to crumble, the warrior, Oddwell, is summoned to save the her and save the world. Along the way Oddwell must learn to rely upon friends, old and new, as he comes up against sinister plots to turn the Princess against the Kingdom. But as her condition deteriorates, so does the world she rules, leaving Odwell in a race against time and his enemies.”

Category: Emerging Talent (in this medium, anyway)

Why I’m Excited: A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new book about a fox and pig adventuring across a danger-filled fantasy world. Now, we have a swashbuckling frog on a similar quest. I may have a genre love I hadn’t realize. Odwell is one of the first print releases from one of the animation studios responsible for Rick and Morty, as I’m hoping they can get the tone right for an all-ages audience. Also, the art reminds me of The Pokey Puppy if it had been published first in France.

Oddwell cover

Starburns Industries Press

Wow, this is fun! What are you reading this week?

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