#1 Comic Issues I’m Picking Up the Week of August 29, 2018

Below are the new series and miniseries (plus a bonus one-shot) I’m looking forward to seeing at my local comic store the week of August 29, 2018.

Comics featured in this week's Number 1s

Adventure Van

Publisher: Golden Apple Books
Words/Story: Michael McMillian
Art/Colors: Ryan Cody

“Corey Biggs’ life is going nowhere until his 21st birthday camping trip gets cut short when alien warriors, sent by Baal Maldage, the evil tyrant king of Bravas, abduct his friend, Billy, and spark a chain of events that sends Corey off on his hero’s journey where he learns he’s not just some kid from Kansas! When Destiny comes a knockin’, this Van gets to rockin’!”

Category: Emerging Talent

Why I’m Excited: Ever see a tricked-out, custom-painted “shaggin’ wagon” in your youth—or last week in Minneapolis—and wondered, “How many drugs were those guys on when they decided to put that on their ride?” Well, maybe it was a truly harrowing event they wanted to commemorate. Maybe it really did impress a warrior woman. Or maybe they were just listening to a lot of prog rock (catch the deets here, kids). If ’80s references are really your jam but Stranger Things was a bit wholesome for you, then I suggest that you check out what Jonathan Byers would have been up to if his brother hadn’t gotten dragged to the Upside Down.

Cover of Adventure #1

Golden Apple Books

Catwoman/Tweety & Sylvester Special

Publisher: DC
Words/Story: Gail Simone and Shea Fontana
Art/Colors: Walter Carzon and Inaki Miranda

“In his relentless pursuit of Tweety, Sylvester suddenly finds himself with a new, human ally—Catwoman. Tweety then realizes that he’s going to need some help too, and recruits a super-hero of his own. It isn’t long before the scale of the conflict begins to get out of control and suddenly there’s a full scale war between cats and birds that threatens to take over all of Gotham.”

Category: Like They Need Any Promotional Help

Why I’m Excited: I’ve been clamoring for a Gail Simone Catwoman since The Movement. And even though the results of previous Warner Brothers/DC team-ups have been mixed—Bugs Bunny/Legion of Super Heroes and Batman/Elmer Fudd were good, Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian not so much—I have seen Simone turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. (Exhibit A: Plastic Man.) I trust her ability. But I’m also looking for just one panel of Granny hitting Batman over the head with her parasol. A little skeptical of the Joker/Daffy special, but I’ll give it a page-through.

Cover of the Catwoman/Tweety & Sylvester special

DC Comics/Warner Brothers


Publisher: AfterShock
Words/Story: Paul Jenkins
Art/Colors: Wesley St. Claire

“A young boy obsessed with crop circles and cryptography finds his boring life turned upside-down when he discovers that all of his conspiracy theories are true, sending him on the ultimate treasure hunt for an ancient secret spanning thousands of years. What is the connection between a lost mountaineer, an indecipherable manuscript, and the lost library of Alexandria? How is this connected to a one-eyed, flatulent Welsh Corgi and endless plates of corned beef sandwiches?”

Category: Emerging Talent

Why I’m Excited: If the last few issues of Cain’s Mockingbird taught me anything, it’s that Corgis are a necessary addition to all comics (and perhaps also mer-corgis). As I’ve said before, my weakness for “kid’s quest for ancient relics” stories goes way back. I’m reading a few of those now—including some I should probably stop because they’re not great—but what I’ve found is that a disparity in experience between the creators of book usually leads to a dynamic product that breaks more “rules” than when two industry legends are paired and also a more cohesive story than when pairing two freshmen.

Cover of Beyonders #1

AfterShock Comics

I see that a second printing of Submerged #1, which I featured in July, is on its way this week along with issue #2. It’s nice when lots of people agree that a book is worth picking up.

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