Star Wars’ Fuel Your Force Combines Fandom and Health

New Year’s resolutions are in full force; a couple days ago I couldn’t find a place to park at the gym. While it was frustrating to not be able to park my vehicle, I’m always happy for anyone who sets health goals they want to accomplish. One misconception regarding resolutions is they have to be related to physical health. Health has many categories beyond physical health, even though society puts an extreme emphasis on outward appearance. The Star Wars Facebook page posted shortly before New Year’s Eve about a new category on their website titled “Fuel Your Force.” I have high expectations that this will be successful for Star Wars fans, but I do have a few concerns with their launch.

[image shows wording of Star Wars Fuel Your Force campaign.]

I’m personally excited about all the new fitness accessories and gear Star Wars will release. Working out in a geek tank top or T-shirt gives me extra energy to complete a workout. With Star Wars adding more workout clothing, I worry about whether Star Wars will be size inclusive. This is a concern of mine because exercise is for any body type. Other exercise clothing companies aren’t as size inclusive as they should be, which saddens me. Star Wars could make more of a profit if they make clothing that caters to all bodies. Besides clothing, I’m interested in the fitness accessories being released. I found a Princess Leia shaker bottle with the saying, “A Woman’s Place Is in the Rebellion.” I lost my Wonder Woman blender bottle at CONvergence last year, so I’m in need of a replacement.

As I originally read the Star Wars Fuel Your Force home page, I realized a lot of the articles cater to physical health. There are exercise articles, “fruitsaber” recipes, and a list of reasons why someone should run with Disney. As I mentioned above, there are more areas of wellness besides physical health. The seven dimensions of health and wellness include physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational health. A great addition to Fuel Your Force could include articles about how to practice deep breathing to stay calm at a stressful job. This would combine both spiritual and occupational health. Another article idea could be a DIY Star Wars–themed vase to include more plants in the home. This would achieve better environmental health. Now, I know Fuel Your Force just launched a month ago, so I understand why there aren’t many articles on their website yet. Still, it’s important for Fuel Your Force to educate fans about other areas of health besides physical health.

Fuel Your Force can be found on the Star Wars home page, underneath the “News + Blog” tab. I’m looking forward to what “Fuel Your Force” has to offer for the Star Wars fandom. My hope for this launch is that it will try to be as inclusive as possible for all body types, but also for all dimensions of wellness. My next project is to make the oatmeal “Chewie Chews,” shown on their website, because they look cute and delicious.


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