Comics I’m Picking Up the Week of April 10, 2019

Here are the books I’m looking forward to seeing at my local comic store the week of April 10, 2019.

Featured covers of the week

Orphan Age

Publisher: AfterShock Comics
Words/Story: Ted Anderson
Art/Colors: Nuno Plati

“One day all the adults died, all over the world, at the same time. Now it’s 20 years later, and the children—all grown up—are still rebuilding the world. Horses and caravans are the only thin lines connecting tiny, scattered settlements—little sparks in the great dark night. Gasoline is gone, phones long dead, television a memory. The only power in America is the New Church, the religion of the angry children, that blames the destruction of the old world on the dead adults. In the settlement of Dallastown, a stranger comes riding in one day, telling a story of escape from the New Church’s unstoppable Firemen. The Church is on the march, and the world might burn again—and the only hope might be a scared teenage girl, a gunslinger keeping his secrets, and a woman of few words and long knives. Welcome to the Orphan Age.”

Category: Support Emerging Creators

Why I’m Excited: I have a confession: I didn’t read Lord of the Flies during my schooling. This confused my husband. He said that reading it would enhance my appreciation of what he did at work. So I did. (He teaches high school English in the suburbs.) I had a better insight, having suppressed most of my precollege adventures. There’s always been something about using adolescent characters as a mirror to human nature. Also, there’s a long tradition of using all-teenager venues like high school as a useful setting for drama because, you know . . . hormones.

Orphan Age cover

AfterShock Comics

The Underfoot

Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Words/Story: Ben Fisher, Emily S. Whitten
Art/Colors: Michelle Nguyen

“The Underfoot’s history has long been told. The Giants That Were conducted strange experiments on their ancestors, granting the hamster species the gifts of intelligence and self awareness. The Giants have since disappeared, but their return is imminent. Until then, the fight between intelligent species is on, and it’s up to the valiant Hamster Aquatic Mercenaries—HAM—to keep their horde alive.”

Category: Return to a Beloved World

Why I’m Excited: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Watership Down, the Redwall series. These are the building blocks of a very emotionally fulfilling childhood. Along with the more contemporary Squarriors, I love stories of anthropomorphic animals struggling to survive in a world indifferent to them. Lion Forge typically has more young reader friendly themes, but as with all books for this age group the hope is that it can inspire a lifetime of reading. As with the titles above that inspired me, I hope there’s a spark here.

The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep cover

Lion Forge Comics

Xena: Warrior Princess

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Words/Story: Vita Ayala
Art/Colors: Olympia Sweetman

“In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings . . . a land in turmoil called out for a hero! She was Xena, a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle! In this all-new series, writer Vita Ayala (Black Panther, Wonder Woman, The Wilds) and artist Olympia Sweetman throw Xena and her companion Gabrielle headfirst into a mysterious adventure. Can Xena discover the secrets of a village full of super-strong children, before jealous and petty gods get involved?”

Category: Return to a Beloved World

Why I’m Excited: It seems fairly obvious that writing for TV has a lot in common with writing fanfiction. The two mediums have developed a symbiotic relationship in recent years. One of the people I hung out with in the late ’90s would come round every Sunday and we’d watch Xena. In her spare time she’d also write fan fiction about the show. (Her stories had a lot to do with her crush on the actor playing Ares on the show—RIP Kevin Smith.) I’ve heard Vita talk about how much she loved Xena as well, and also wrote fanfiction in her youth; it was less focused on the God of War, I suspect. I’m so glad that she’s getting to realize this dream.

Xena: Warrior Princess comic book cover

Dynamite Entertainment


Publisher: Image Comics
Words/Story: Brian Schirmer
Art/Colors: Claudia Balboni, Marissa Louise

“Every fantasy epic ends with a war, but what happens when the war is over?

After posing as a man to join the army, Jenner Faulds returns home to the Feld for a new start as a ‘Fairman’—a specially licensed private investigator. Sexism didn’t end on the battlefield, and as the only ‘Fairlady,’ Jenner gets stuck with the cases nobody else wants. Hitting the streets to solve the Feld’s overlooked mysteries, Jenner finds that the smallest cases hide the biggest secrets.”

Category: Support Emerging Creators

Why I’m Excited: My favorite kind of sidekick in comics these days is the talking cat, whether they’re an imaginary oversized partner in  Spencer & Locke, the coolest lie detector in the galaxy, or Salem Saberhagen, so this cover caught my eye. The writer says the creative team is inspired by both Magnum PI and Fables so I can tell he’s going to a well I like drinking from. The promise of a complete mystery in 30 pages reminds me of something I loved about the earlier incarnations of Ms. Tree—specifically as the quarterly Vertigo published.

Fair Lady cover

Image Comics

See you at the racks!

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