Frozen II Promises Secrets and Magic in New Trailer

Since it came out in 2013, I’ve run the gamut of emotions when it comes to Disney’s Frozen. I’ve held the titles of superfan, skeptic, hater, advocate, and everything in between. I’ll proudly sing “For the First Time in Forever” at the top of my lungs while begging others not to sing “Let It Go.” If you ask who my favorite Disney princess is, I’ll give you an hour-long explanation as to why Anna is underrated and needs more attention. Whatever your personal feelings for the animated juggernaut are, there’s no denying that Frozen has had an impact on audiences and pop culture. It was inevitable, therefore, that we’d be given a sequel.

The full-length trailer for Frozen II is finally here, and all those feelings from February, when the teaser was released, have come to the surface and made me excited all over again. While I still enjoy the first movie, I won’t deny there were a lot of questions about the lore and backstory of magic left unanswered. Elsa’s father claimed she was born with her powers, not cursed—does that mean there are others like her? If so, can they control other elements of nature? How can one be “cursed” with powers in the first place? It looks like now, almost six years later, we may finally get some answers.

Elsa and a Nokk underwater

The mysterious Nokk. Walt Disney Pictures

One element that especially intrigued me in the new trailer was the appearance of the Nokk, the water spirit that appears to Elsa in the ocean. As Disney-news blogger @mmdisney20, who’s constantly in the loop with inside facts about upcoming Disney films, noted in a post earlier today, this spirit “Takes the form of a horse with the power of the ocean . . . and guards the secrets of the forest fiercely. In order to get past the Nokk, a person must prove they are worthy and earn its respect—an almost impossible task.” Based on what we’ve seen so far from the trailer, it seems as if Elsa will have her powers tested, and she may become more in tune with her ability to control ice and snow. Despite being a longtime Anna fan myself, I’m all for seeing more of Elsa growing as a character and getting pushed to her limit. I didn’t dislike her in the original, but I found her character arc lacking, something I suspect was the result of last-minute rewrites and codirector Jennifer Lee even admitting that after she heard “Let It Go” for the first time, she made the call to change Elsa from villain to protagonist. It seems like the Nokk may act as either a spirit guide to the young queen or an adversary—or maybe even both.

Whatever is in store for us in the kingdom of Arendelle, I can’t deny that I’m nearly bursting at the seams to know more about the story of Frozen II. Come November, you can bet I’ll be planted in a movie theater, eagerly waiting to travel into the unknown with Anna, Elsa, and their friends.

Frozen II hits theaters November 22, 2019.

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