Magic: The Gathering Is Coming to Netflix!

Picture a fantasy world with its own geography, history, races, and all the other worldbuilding elements that novelists and DMs alike conjure up to make their settings come alive. Now imagine that this world is but one of countless others—realities that, while separate from one another, coexist in a vast, ethereal Multiverse. Add some wizards with the rare ability to traverse that Multiverse and planeswalk between these worlds, and you’ve got the premise for Netflix’s upcoming animated series, Magic: The Gathering, based on the popular trading-card game and announced on Twitter earlier today.

At the helm are Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame (among other Marvel movies). This is a fitting choice: I’ve made comparisons between the two franchises in the past, and Entertainment Weekly reports that both Russos are avid fans of Magic. No release date has been announced yet, nor is it known how the series will interact with Magic’s overall story line, so for now, speculation can ensue over the teaser image below, featuring the red-aligned Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar (think Tank Girl, but with pyromancy).

Magic series teaser image

Netflix/Wizards of the Coast


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